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Monday Morning Disney Fix.

Who wants to work when you can plan a vacation instead? Hey, it doesn’t mean you really have to go. A few good links:

The mother of all Disney travel boards: www.disboards.com. No question, no matter how inane, will go unanswered.

For a smaller, very friendly Disney travel forum, try the Passporter boards.

Want to own or just rent a piece of the Mouse? Start here.

A good blog for all things Disney.

Weekly wrap up of what other Disney bloggers have to say.

Not a forum, but a good source for Disney resort information. Includes up to date menus from most table service restaurants on-site.

The most Disney of Disney weddings. What fun!

And this. This is just gratuitious and has nothing to do with Disney.

There, that should keep you sufficiently distracted on this Monday morning.


  1. See…see…I could DO Disney if the park was mine all mine. I love that wedding idea although you know it probably cost well over 100K.

  2. Holy shit…I had no idea Disney was such a cult! Your new blog is cracking me up! And to think, I was under the impression, you just “walt”zed in there and had fun, eating whenever and wherever you wanted to…I better study up, if I’m ever going to take the twins. Maybe we’ll just go to Sesame Place (slap slap)…

  3. Oh, Lynette. For shame. You’ve got to plan, especially if you want to eat at a real restaurant and not eat chicken nuggets for every mean!

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