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More Swine Flu at Disney World. Or not. Who knows?

A school was closed in South Carolina as a precaution against a possible Swine Flu outbreak after a group of students from that school returned home from a class trip to Disney World with flu-like sypmtoms.

Meanwhile, in the face of good common sense and in defiance of the widsom of Vice President Biden, who recently said he would not want him family flying or riding public transportation at this time due to the outbreak, I just bought park tickets for my trip. I figure if we have to cancel, I’ll just go for Star Wars Weekend in June and take my six-year old.



  1. At least the lines will be shorter.

  2. Don’t think I didn’t think of that. Haha.

  3. Ahhh… Star Wars Weekends! Thanks for the 40th birthday idea for my hubby!!

    Am I crazy to attempt going to this being like 5 1/2 months pregnant?

  4. Sheryl–I’d go. Who knows when you’ll get to go again. You could paint your belly with a clever SW design. Or not.

  5. Thanks Chris! The belly painting idea is great. My hubby is the biggest star wars geek ever and he’d think that was just the best idea ever! LOL

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