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The Dirtiest Bathroom in Walt Disney World?

Has to be the one in Mickey’s Toontown Fair, the one that’s called Pete’s Garage? I’m not sure you can pin the blame on all the kids, since the one near It’s a Small World in Fantasyland is much cleaner (right next to Ariel), but there has to be some plausable explanation for the Walmart-like conditions of this bathroom. You need hip waders in the place by midday.

Pssst. Want to find a clean bathroom in any of the themeparks? Try the ones in the baby care centers. If any of your kids are under five-years old or so, no one will notice. Restaurant bathrooms, even those that are counter-service only, are generally cleaner as well, but keep in mind that most table service places won’t just let you walk in to use the bathrooms.

Just how my mind works on a day when I didn’t get any sleep the night before due to little kids waking up.


  1. Good idea. There are SOME table serivce places where the restrooms are in the vestibule/entry area (the Hollywood Brown Derby comes to mind).

    I wouldn’t necessarily rate them high on the clean list all of the time though just because they are in a sit down.

    The other ‘bad’ bathroom is the one of the left asyou leave the Hub going towards the Tea Cups on the left around the Princess storybook area. It’s a busy bathroom, but doesn’t seem to get quite the frequency of some of the others.

  2. You are SO right! We were just at WDW a few weeks ago, and when I walked into Pete’s Garage potty I was horrified, and we were there at Toon town rope drop, it was like it hadn’t been cleaned from the night before… It was very walmarty… I chalked it up to the fact they they will be tearing it down soon, but stil

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