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Monday Morning Distraction.

Video and links to distract you from work or other fruitful activities this Monday morning:

The horror! Check out these pictures on the newly refurbished It’s a Small World at Disneyland. I kind of like it.

Ahh, it’s the Swine Flu! The Orlando Sentinel says one case of Swine Flu confirmed in Orlando.

Set your Tivo. List of Disney-themed television for the week. Come on, you know you want to watch that old Roseanne episode where the whole family goes to Disney.

Finally, here’s Walt and Mary Blair herself talking about It’s a Small World.

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  1. It’s lovely but I kinda like the old school 60s-70s “It’s a Small World.” Would have liked to show that to my kids so they could see what I saw as a kid. Also, I wonder what they did with the pirates who looked like they were..ahem…er…”in love.” I was looking forward to showing that to my kids too! Is that wrong?

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