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Summer Crowds

I’ve been hearing online and from friends who’ve recently been to Disney World that crowds are very low this summer. One person actually reported being able to get a walk-up reservation for Le Cellier, unheard of even during the slowest times of the year. Actual numbers are difficult to ascertain since Disney doesn’t release them outright, but one friend, a former Floridian and frequent park-goer who went during the 4th of July, said that they didn’t wait on-line for one attraction.

Could it be that crowds are really this low during the busiest time of the year, despite all the incentives Disney is offering? If so, what will fall look like? Will Disney be forced to reduce services and hours for cast members?

Your thoughts?


  1. I am fairly certain they all went in June when I was there!!

  2. Ya, I think they were all there when we were there in June as well!

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