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Off Site: Orlando Crib Rentals.

Last December we rented a condo in Windsor Hills, a popular community off Irlo Bronson Highway. Because we have young twins, we needed to rent two cribs and a few other items to make our short stay more comfortable. After comparing prices and equipment, we settled on Orlando Crib Rental because they seemed to have the best selection and prices. They have Pack-N-Plays, standard-sized cribs, and toddler beds, as well as mid-priced strollers (think Graco, not Bugaboo), car seats, and high chairs. We even rented a white noise machine for the kids’ room.

Because the owner has a working relationship with the agency we rented the condo from, All Star Vacation Homes, she was able to deliver the cribs to our room and start setting them up before we even got there rather than leaving it at the front desk. The cribs were white metal cribs with standard crib mattresses ; you may want to bring your own sheets from home if you’re children are used to a certain type or if you want to avoid the cost of renting them. They folded easily, but were very sturdy once set up. The owner explained that she replaces them frequently because they get a lot of wear and tear being set up and taken down so often. She then showed me where she usually places them–thoughtfully, away from the windows and blinds–and even figured out how to get two cribs into the room while still being able to walk around the existing furniture.

Our trip was a short one and to be honest, it was pretty difficult as the twins did not sleep well and picked that weekend to rebel against the stroller. By the time the owner came to our condo to pick up the cribs, I was exhausted and I’m sure it showed. We talked for a while and it turns out she’s not only a mother of five, she also has twins. Coming from a veteren twin mom, her words of advice and funny stories that day really made my trip. I’m still laughing about the story of her then-toddler twins, a jug of milk, a bathing suit, and the cat’s haircut.

I would recommend Orlando Crib Rentals to anyone. They were easy to reach via email or by phone and answered all my questions quickly. The service was super-friendly and I felt they went above and beyond what I would have expected.


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  2. Thanks for posting this! In addition to your tips, I would suggest considering baby furniture rentals. Sometimes it’s easier to leave the large stuff at home and find a reputable baby furniture rental company. On my recent trip to Hawaii, I rented a bunch of things including a high chair and pack and play. It was a big help!

  3. Worst company ever! First it was suppose to be at my place set up an it wasn’t. Then she said she would be there by 3. 3 hours after 3 she shows up with broken items. 1 1/2 later she brings in a new swing and actually asked how good we are at setting I up! She said she would pick it up today at 8:30 am but flakes out on us and told us to cart it down the main lobby. (real easy with a baby right?) lobby wouldn’t take it at first and she had the nerve to tell us she was going to charge me $150! Worst service.

  4. Brittany NEVER rented from Orlando Crib Rental. She is confused. She should check who she rented the items from on her credit card receipt and contact them about her issues surrounding the delivery. Orlando Crib Rental does not make timed appointments, the guest is put on the delivery list when they call with their room assignment on the day of their arrival. We do this because often guests arrive before the check in time and their room is not available. This cuts down on wait time. Brittany rented her items from another company, not Orlando Crib Rental.

  5. Lisa, I had nothing but a positive experience with you guys, so no complaints here. As I recall, the owner (you?) were there before I even walked in the door and were so incredibly helpful and kind, way beyond just setting up the crip. It was one of the few good things I remember from an otherwise really rough trip.


  6. They charged me and they didn´t deliver!!! Orlando Crib Rentals wrote an email saying that my order wasn´t complete because I was supposed to pay a delivery fee. I asked how to pay, but nobody told me how, so I gave up the crib and got it with another company.
    I was surprise that they CHARGED me, and now I wrote them 4 emails asking for a refund, and nobody answer me!!!! They are not honest!!

  7. This company has been great very easy to get a hold of. For the one saying you couldnt pay the delivery fee or did not know how… same thing happen to me but all I did was call them and left a message. They called right back and told me how to pay the fee. I had called them a few times before our trip and they always called back with an answer to my questions. Nothing but positive feedback for these ppl.

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