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October 27th: The Day Disney Dining Crashed?

If you’re planning a trip to Disney in the near future, you probably know that prior to October 27th, you could make advanced dining reservations (ADRs) 90-days in advance (plus 10 days for those staying on site). All of that changes on Tuesday, when the window for ADRs opens up to 180 days.   Thise means that the usual crush of guests trying to make reservations first thing in the morning will be much greater.  To put it mildly, all predictions are that it will be a mess.

If your ADR window opens up on Tuesday, will you be calling first thing in the morning or will you cross your fingers and hope that most people don’t plan that far in advance and give it a day or two?  It will be interesting to see how the system holds up.  So far, I’ve been really happy with the online reservation system. 

Good luck to all the cast members who are working that day!

Reservations can be made at 407-wdw-dine or at Disney online.


  1. You were correct. The whole system is down!

  2. Get out! I’m so sorry. I just looked on Touringplans and one of the commenters said he got a message that said they were putting in a new system. Really? Today?

    Thanks for the info.

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