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Monday Morning Distraction: A few hours late edition. Okay, nearly a day late.

In the better late than never category, here are a few Disney tidbits for your reading pleasure:

The Christmas lights were turned on at Cinderella Castle last week:

I’m just going to say it:  That’s magical. 

Speaking of the holidays, The Dis has some great photos of Disney Hollywood Studio’s Osborne Fesitival of Lights on their blog.  
From Jim Hill Media, Kerry Camisa talks about what it takes to bring the Magic Kingdom from “Scary to Merry in Just  Five Nights.”

Robert Niles at Theme Park Insider has been thinking about gift ideas for theme park lovers.  First up:  Home Funnel Cake Kit.  Mmmm.  Funnel cake. 

Thanksgiving dinner suggestions at Downtown Disney from The Disney Blog.

Verizon, The Dis, and TouringPlans have all announced applications in the last few weeks which will show wait times and fastpass availability for the park you’re in, as well as general information about the parks.  If you’re like me and these apps don’t work on your phone, there’s no need to pine for an iPhone:  You can still access general park information if your phone has internet capability by going to http://www.m.disneyworld.com/.  Word is that Verizon and TouringPlans.com*  will be expanding their apps to fit more phones in the near future.

Finally, AJ at the Disney Food Blog has a fun post about Minnie’s kitchen.   As excited I am about the Fantasyland expansion, I’m sad they’re tearing this place down.   If you’ve never had the pleasure of “baking” a cake in Minnie’s kitchen, head on over and check out these pictures.

*Update:  I ended up needing a new phone last week (don’t ask), so I bought the Motorola Droid.  Besides being a really fun phone, the new application from TouringPlans.com, called Lines, works on my phone.  While I haven’t used it in the park yet, what I’ve seen is really useful and interesting.  Back with a full report on it and (hopefully) Verizon’s Mobile Magic application after my December trip.

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  1. Hey Chris!

    Thanks for mentioning our app! We’re really looking forward to see how far we can take this, to help guests adapt to changing wait times during the day.

    Let me know if you have any questions!


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