Some Disney news to help you ease into your work week:

Dis Unplugged blogger Kathy Werling has some great pictures of the Cinderella castle refurbishment, including some of the empty moats surrounding the castle.

The Orlando Sentinel weighs in on the lastest extra-secret, super-crypto Disney Rumor:  NextGen.  Whatever it is, I think I like it.  Update:  Fixed the link.  Not that all that constitutional law business wasn’t interesting. Sorry!

What fun:  A sneak peek at a dinner in the Great Movie Ride in Hollywood Studios courtesy of The Disney Food  Blog.

We all want to be Joe Rohde, the incredibly creative and likeable Imagineer, just a little bit.  DisneyShawn talks about  Rohde’s work in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The Parenting Panel at Mouse Planet discusses the pros and cons of taking kids out of school for a Disney vacation. 

Stitch Kingdom with a list of D23 member events for 2010.