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Reader Email: Can you ride Disney transportation if you’re not a park guest?


I had a question that I have not been able to find an awnser to.  When you get tickets with the water parks and park hopper passes are you able to use the disney transportation for free as well with that. The buses, monorail and boats? if you’re staying outside the park that is.

Kyle O.


Thanks for your question and for reading my blog.  You can absolutely ride Disney transportation as an off site guest (also known in  Disney-speak as a day guest).  The great thing is, you don’t even need a ticket to ride Disney transportation, so if you’re just going on site to have dinner, resort hop, or explore, you can use Disney’s transportation system.  When you think about it, it benefits Disney just as much as it does guests, as many people will come on site to shop, have dinner, or check out a resort for a potential stay in the future.

So go ahead and ride the monorail, the Friendships between Epcot and Hollywood Studios, Disney buses, and the ferry from the Transportation and Ticket Center to the Magic Kingdom.  You can also ride the resort boats to and from the parks if you wish.  Keep in mind that since you’re staying off site, you will have to pay for daily parking at the parks which currently runs $14.  Your parking pass is good for any park that day, so you can park hop if you wish using your own car and not have to pay park again that day.

Have a wonderful time on your upcoming trip!

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  1. Many other sites note that you can pay for parking once in the same day and park anywhere else not paying again since you paid once.

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