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Fast Disney Facts: It’s Not Such a Small World After All.

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine who once spent an exhausting but fun 48 hours touring all four parks.  She saw a lot, but as a first-timer, I wondered what she wished she’d known before her trip.  The answer was simple:  That Disney World is huge!  Guests who’ve visited other Disney parks or who are only familiar with non-Disney amusement parks are often surprised by how large Disney World is.  Here are a few big and small facts about Disney World:

Disney World covers 48-square miles, about twice the size of Manhattan.  Less than one-fourth of the land has been developed.  Another one-fourth has been set aside as a nature preserve.

Walt Disney unveils the “Florida Project.”

The tallest building on in a Disney World park isn’t Cinderella Castle, which is 183 feet high, it’s actually the Tower of Terror at 199 feet.   Disney Imagineers didn’t want to put lights on the castle, so they kept it a bit shorter.  The Tower of Terror’s extra 13 feet means it has lights to warn approaching aircraft.  (ETA:  Oops. Kathryn pointed out there aren’t actually lights on the building.  It’s one short shy of needing them. Thanks, Kathryn.)

Hollywood Studio’s Tower of Terror.

The largest park in Walt Disney World is Disney’s Animal Kingdom at 500 acres. Animal Kingdom’s iconic symbol, the Tree of Life, is 150 feet tall and 50 feet in diameter. The tree itself is actually framed around an oil rig that was dismantled and brought to Central Florida.

Animal Kingdom’s Tree of Life.

The entire length of the Disney World monorail system is 14.7 miles.

The Monorail in Epcot during the Flower and Garden Festival.

26.2 miles of sausage are served every 60 days in Epcot’s Germany pavilion.  That’s an entire marathon’s length of sausage and honestly, it’s disturbing.  And delicious.

This dog doesn’t work at Epcot and he
probably isn’t even German. 
He is, however, wearing Lederhosen.
That’s good enough for me.

Typhoon Lagoon is the most visited water park in the world, with approximately 2.06 million guests in 2008 alone.

Typhoon Lagoon.
Chef Remy from the movie Ratatouille can be seen at Chefs de  France in Epcot. Remy is one of the newest Audio-Animatronic figures at Disney World. He is also, at a mere six inches, the smallest.
Oui, oui. But of course it makes sense to
have a rat as the mascot of your restaurant.
Why do you ask?
The moat that partially surrounds Cinderella castle contains 1.9 million gallons of water.
Cinderella Castle and moat.

Those giant turkey legs at Disney World have a whopping 1100 calories each.   Fear not:  It’s a scientific fact that it is impossible to gain weight on a Disney vacation. 

Scene of the crime:  Taluca Turkey Legs Company.
The rooms at All-Star Music, at 260 square feet, are the smallest resort rooms on site. 
Kids love the fun atmosphere at the All-Star resorts.
Disney World recycles about 30% of its waste every year. It’s a step in the right direction.  Next time you’re in Disney World, make sure you look for the recycling bins!
Innocuous trash can or the first line of defense
in Disney recycling? 
You be the judge.

If you’d like more Disney trivia, check out Lou Mongello’s site, WDW Radio.


  1. Great blog, but I had one small correction for you. The Tower of Terror does not have lights to warn airplanes. The cutoff for that restriction is 200 feet. They made TOT one foot shorter (199 feet) to avoid having to put warning lights as they thought it would be a distraction.

  2. Hey, Kathryn. Thanks. I’ll make a note of it.

  3. Great discussion. I am particularly in love with Ratatouille at the moment so that rat on the tray is too cute!

  4. Brenday, it’s super cute. They go by each table and talk to everyone. The guy we had the second time we saw Ratatouille was really great at ad libbing.

    AJ, I thought that too, but it’s a quote you see all over the place so maybe it’s true? Kind of scary, isn’t it?

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