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Fast Disney Facts: Kids under Three Get into Disney World for Free!

You probably know that kids under the age of three get into Disney World parks for free, but did you also know that they eat free and don’t count against your room total at your Disney resort?  That means that a family of five with a child under the age of three can stay at a value resort like Pop Century, which normally only sleeps four people.  Since kids under the age of three can eat free at any Disney table service restaurant, buffets, even character dining, are an especially good deal.

If your child is turning three during your visit, they’ll remain free thoughout the trip.  Their age for that trip is based on how old they were when they started the trip.

One final thing:  I’ve never heard of anyone being asked by Disney to verify their toddler’s age, but if you’re worried, bring a copy of their birth certificate.


  1. I know somebody who happened to goto Disneyworld last month who has a little girl who might be 3 & 1/2 and didn’t get asked one time how old she was. Trick for them was the little girl traveled in a stroller when entering the park each day.

    They also had to pay for a few meals out of pocket such as Le Cellier & Kona Cafe since they had 2 adults on the Deluxe Dining plan so like Chris said stick to the Buffets đŸ™‚

    Wink Wink

  2. I’ve heard of this too!

  3. When you say kids under 3 eat free, what exactly do you mean? Can my 2yo order a kids meal or does she have to eat off my plate?

  4. Anon, she’ll have to eat off your plate. This works best at buffets, where you can take as much as you want. We actually did a lot of this on our last trip (our twins weren’t quite 3) and it worked out fairly well. The other thing is that if you have 2 children, order an adult meal and ahve them split it. Most adult menus have at least one kid-friendly dish.

    Good luck. Hope this helps.

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