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Monday Morning Distraction: Snowed-In Version.

In case you’re wondering, it takes about four inches of snow to completely paralyze the central portion of North Carolina.  We’ve been stuck in the house for three days, but fortunately, snow doesn’t stop the internet, unlike our local post office. Let’s see what’s going on in lovely, unfrozen, Central Florida, shall we?

More monorail troubles, this time with monorail Coral.

WDW Central from an outsider’s perspective.  This is a great blog, by the way, if you haven’t read it before.

Tables inWonderland dining events for February.  With menus!  That you can stare at and dream about.  Okay, maybe that’s just me.

Sambycat, from the Those Darn Cats podcast and My Life on the WDW D-List, is shocked by the travesty that has befallen every Disney Nerd’s  favorite sweetheart.  She’s so . . . calm, so uncharacteristically  Stacy.  Strange.  Sambycat is also planning a Disney wedding, so if you like weddings (there’s bound to be talk of cake), check out her other blog posts.

Only Walt Disney World has some great photos of Cinderella in the Magic Kingdom.

Matt Hochberg from the Studios Central blog has a few things to say in Hollywood Studio’s defense.

I just want to mention that if you’d like to catch up on the latest among Disney bloggers, check out Dismarks, which features posts from Disney bloggers ranked by popularity. Lots of good information over there.  You can also check into Alltop for more from Disney bloggers.

Finally, a 2010 version of the Boom De Ya Da Disney World Video. I love this.


  1. We got a little more than 4″ over here in the Triad but I know exactly what you mean. Schools are still closed here..I am lucky the daycare stayed open just was under a delay both Monday and Tuesday..

    Stay Warm đŸ™‚

  2. We had a delay again today, ironically only one hour when it should have been longer. It was actually icy.

    Oh well, summer’s just around the corner, right?

  3. I am in Cary…I was in the house for four days until I could get the driveway (it’s steep and there was a snowdrift directly behind my van- lovely) clear enough for me to get out.

    Ya gotta love snow in the South…not!

    I am so ready for spring (not summer, lol)!

  4. Blondie, I’m in Cary too. I couldn’t believe school was out for so long.

    Definitely not looking forward to summer. Spring, absolutely.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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