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Updates on Lines.

I did a post back in January about using Lines, from the Unofficial Guide and Tourings Plans, to get wait times on your phone. I get a lot of hits on that post and a few things have changed since then, so I thought it was time for a update.

First, Lines now has chat, so you can ask questions while you’re in the park and the guys from the Unofficial Guide or other users will answer them.  It’s a pretty simple format and very easy to use, so now you don’t have to walk around wondering where you can rent a stroller or how much a haircut costs in the Magic Kingdom.  I liked how this feature helps to create a community of users in the parks, just as the addition of user badges and the competition to be the top submitter for different attractions does. I checked it out the other day and it appeared that people were getting their questions aswered pretty quickly, either by the UG guys or from Lines users.

They’ve also updated some of the user badges, so if you’re submitting wait times, you can compete with fellow users to be the top submitter for indvidual attractions or just reach goals like “Star Tunnel:  Wait times for every attraction in Tomorrowland.”  Submit over 100 times and you have the honor of being an “Unofficial Chief Collector.”  Okay, so no one’s going to give you a t-shirt or even a free Waffle House T-bone, but it’s another fun thing to do while you’re in the parks and submitting times helps other users.  I found it especially entertaining while waiting in line.  Another update includes wait time predictions for the entire day and the next day; you’ll need to go the attraction you’re interested in and click on “see full forecast.”

Finally, now that it’s out of the testing period, Lines is no longer free.  The price, however, is pretty reasonable, particularly when compared to similar applications, none of which can claim to have chat answered by Disney experts. For $8.95 (slightly less if you own a current version of the Unofficial Guide), you can access Lines for 365 days as well as the entire Touring Plans website, including the crowd calender and touring plans for inside the parks. 

I’ll be using Lines and other Disney wait time applications when I go to Disney World in October, so I’ll be posting reviews and comparasons then. 

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  1. Chris!

    Once again, thanks for the shoutout and covering the Lines updates! The chat feature is particularly fun đŸ™‚


  2. No problem, Henry. You guys do great work.

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