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Reader Email: Where Can I Use My Disney Gift Card?

We are going to WDW in May and purchased the package that includes the Disney Gift Card. Now I understand the Gift Card is redeemable in various locations for food, attraction etc., but what I would like to know is if anyone has a list of the restaurants where the card is accepted or where it is not accepted (probably the shorter list)? Any help you can supply would be greatly appreciated.


Shelly: Thanks for reading my blog and for your question. The short answer is that you can use it just about anywhere on Disney property. You’re limited both to places that accept your Keys to the Kingdom Card (room key with charging priviledges) as payment and to stores and restaurants affiliated with Disney. This isn’t a problem in the parks, but you won’t be able to use it at Downtown Disney restaurants such as Ragland Road,Wolfgang Puck’s, McDonalds, or House of Blues. You can apparently use the gift card at T-Rex, which is also a Downtown Disney restaurant not owned by Disney. I’m not sure why this is; my advice is that if you want to eat at a non-Disney restaurant, don’t be afraid to try the card. The card is accepted at stores in Downtown Disney like World of Disney and to buy tickets for Cirque de Soliel and can be used for special park tours, like the Segway Tour. You can also use it at Disney stores back home and at Disney.com to purchase merchandise. You can even use it on Disney Cruise Lines.

Since you don’t get the ticket until you go and because your package will need to be paid off before you arrive, you can’t use the card to pay off the balance of your trip, however you can use it to upgrade your tickets. So say you just have a basic Magic Your Way ticket and you want to add a park hopper, you can use the gift card for this.

An interesting way to get around places that won’t take your gift card is to use your Keys to the Kingdom Card at these places and then pay off your room charges at the end of your stay with the gift card. Since the resort will already have a credit card on file, make sure you do this early in the day the day before you check out, otherwise your room charges will automatically be charged to your credit card.

Finally, you can’t use the gift card to buy more gift cards or Disney dollars.

I hope this helps. If you or anyone reading this finds something that contradicts this, let me know. It ‘s somewhat difficult to find an exact answer for this question, even from Disney. I appreciate the input and I’ll update here with any experiences using this card.

Have a safe and happy vacation.

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  1. Thanks for the good information.

    Does anyone know if you can use Disney Gift Cards to pay for parking at the various parks?

  2. Yes you can pay for parking using a disney gift card

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