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Three Reasons Why Staying at a Value Resort is a Smart Move.

I love Disney deluxe resorts. The theming is beautiful, the rooms are large, and you can’t beat the top notch restaurants. And when I travel with my husband and three kids, I’m probably staying at a Disney Vacation Club resort because I need the space and like having access to a kitchen. But you know what? I also love the value resorts. Sometimes on Disney message boards, I see posters making disparaging remarks about the values and I can’t argue with some of the points.  It’s true the rooms are smaller, the pools don’t have slides, and they are, simply, less posh.  But I would also argue that staying at a value makes you one smart cookie. Here’s why:

1. Stay at a deluxe resort and you’ll have access to Extra Magic Hours (extra time in the parks for Disney guests), the Disney Dining Plan, transportation on Disney’s Magical Express to and from the airport, and package delivery from the parks. You get the same thing when you stay at a value resort, you just paid a lot less for it. How smart is that?

2. You kids will love the theming.

3. A week at the Contemporary Resort in early June runs around $3983 (without any discounts). For that kind of money, you could stay at a value resort that same week and then come back again in early December for another week. And you could do those two weeks because you’ll have purchased two annual passes with the money you have left over.

I hope every Disney fan gets to experience the deluxe resorts. They’re great. But if you’re worried that the value resorts won’t live up to your expectations of Disney quality or you’re putting off a trip because you feel that you need to spend a lot of money to have the peak Disney experience, please reconsider. I’ve stayed at every level of Disney resort and they all have their charms, but the values hold a special place in my heart because it means I can go to Disney more often. If you’ve hesitated, give it a try. You might be surprised.


  1. I’m with you. I grew up staying at the deluxes (primarily because they were the only onsite options) but I am a value girl now! I LOVE Pop!

    I’ve never stayed at a moderate though…

  2. My daughter and I stayed at the All-Star Movies resort on our first visit to Disney World last month. We loved it! Hey – it’s Disney, right? Even the low end is magical.

    If we’d had to wait until we could afford a deluxe, we would still be waiting, and we would not have learned how incredible the Disney experience could be. We will be returning as often as possible, and I hope we do get to try both the moderate and deluxe options. But I don’t have one single complaint about the value resorts. Still magical!

  3. Hey, guys. Thanks for your comments.

    Tango, great to hear you had a wonderful first visit!!!!

  4. Hehe. We hadn’t even been back a week when I found myself here, and elsewhere, making plans for our next trip….

  5. Tango, I do the same thing. I just never get tired of it.

    I should probably seek professional help.

  6. I have a feeling I may be the newest recruit….

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