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Disney’s Wine and Dine Marathon.

Have you ever run a marathon?  Despite being very diligent about exercising, I hate to run. In fact, when I got out of the army, I distinctly remember being really happy about not having to run again unless if was after a the kids or a good sale.  And a marathon?  Well, the idea of doing any activity that might require me to grease myself up in order to avoid–well, I’m not sure what, but trust me, slathering yourself with Vaseline is unpleasant enough.  But if you’re a Disney parks fan, it’s hard not to get caught up in the all the fun people seem to be having at  Disney races, which exist for almost every ability level and happen several times a year. There’s the popular January full and half marathons, the Princess Marathon in the Spring, complete with tiaras and tutus, and a few other races thrown in there as well.  But none pushed me over the edge until I heard the words  “Wine and Dine Marathon.” 

Regrettably, there is no wining or dining during the marathon itself.  Nonetheless, I signed up with my good friend (a non-Disney person).  The race is the first Saturday in October. 

The Wine and Dine half marathon is at night, which is a nice idea; I love the parks then.  It goes from ESPN’s World of Sports, through Animal Kingdom (at this point, those doing the relay switch off) and continues to Hollywood Studios and Epcot, where it ends in a party which will go on until the wee hours of the morning. That is, if you don’t have to run back to your resort and wash off the Vaseline.

Click on the image for a larger,
more intimidating picture.  Yikes.

Disney is fairly strict about pace.  You don’t have to run fast, but if you go over a sixteen minute mile, you’ll get the boot and are taken to the finish line where, presumably, you’ll get a wedgie or something.  Seriously, though, it sounds embarrassing.  I’m a little worried about it. I’m slow.  And wedgies were my least favorite thing about middle school.

Running this summer has proven challenging. We’ve had lots of obligations and it’s been hotter than the sun, so I’m hoping to get a bit more motivated in the coming weeks.  Wish me luck! And if you’ve run a Disney marathon, I’d love to hear about it.


  1. Vaseline doesn’t conjure up good thoughts. ever.

  2. Chris your blog is awesome, some of the tips you posted were surprisingly obvious but damn they were things we never thot of!! thankyou, and keep blogging

  3. I’m the same with running, but after I had my baby last December, I made my husband register for the January half with me.. We’ve never done any races, but I figure if I’m ever going to like running, it’s going to be around the Magic Kingdom and Epcot… Good luck training! Summer is almost over, so training should get much easier (or 1 less excuse not to go in my case)!

  4. Lisa, can you imagine? I’ve also heard some people lose their toenails. I don’t even want to know why.

    Thanks D&S!

    DisneyBabies, that sounds amazing. I’ll follow your progress.

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