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I am way too excited!

Okay, the infamous cake castle has nothing todo with this post, but I don’t have access to any of my Disney pictures right now.  You see, I had a lot of plans for posts this week, but my laptop had an unfortunate encounter with a couple of three-year olds, so I won’t be posting much. Besides, I’ve got to freeze a month’s worth of meals for my husband to give the kids while I’m gone for 3.75 days!

Here’s a couple of fun things for your amusement, though. Back next week with Mickey’s Not So Scary, Food and Wine and my first stay at All Star Sports. Did I mention I hate all sports with balls? Which is sort of the theme of this resort. Yeah.  I hope I like it.

If you want to follow me down at Disney World, I’m on twitter at Chrisw889.

For now, here’s two funny girls and their take on the creepiest attractions at Disney World:

A view from the front of the monorail (bonus Mickey wand at Epcot):

See ya real soon!

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  1. I miss front cab rides on the Monorail, hopefully they will return someday, if nothing else perhaps when they get the next fleet of trains they will bring that back as I’m sure they will keep adding more safety features, just as they did many upgrades when they went from the Mark IV trains to the Mark VI ones, the current trains are now as old as the Mark IV fleet was when they were retired, and probably have many MORE miles on them than the mark IV trains did seeing as Epcot has been open the entire time the current fleet has existed, and the fact that the Magic Kingdom has tended to set NEW yearly attendance records every few years, that translates to a lot of trips round the loops folks!

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