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The Dismarks 12th Disney Blog Carnival is Up!

If you write about Disney or even if you just want to keep up with the latest in Disney news, trivia, and theme park tips, head over to Dismarks, a place where the Disney online community shares their stories.  You can read, comment, and mark your favorites, so it’s a great way to support other writers and find new ones.   You can also submit your articles, so it’s an easy way to get your work out there. 

While you’re there, make sure you check out the Blog Carnival going on right now.  Every few weeks, the Dismarks team asks for new article submissions which are then added to that month’s carnival.  Writers submit their current favorites that they think others will enjoy.

Don’t be shy about submitting your own articles and commenting. Dismarks only works if you take part too! Everyone is welcome into this friendly community.  And if you’re tech-challenged like me, they’ll even give you a few points for putting the Dismarks icon on your blog. 

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