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A Few Thoughts on My Trip.

Just got back yesterday from Disney World and I wanted to share a couple of thoughts; I’ll blog more in-depth later.  This is the first trip I’ve taken where I specifically did a few things for the blog, so I have lots to say!  Here’s a brief run-down for now.

  • Pack early.  I was very busy the week before I left that I put off packing until the last minute.  As a result, I forgot a few things that I really needed. Like toothpaste. (Don’t worry, I got some).
  • Disney IS for grown-ups. A friend seemed surprised when I got back that I didn’t take the kids and when I told her that many adults go without their kids (or don’t have kids at all), she was shocked.
  • Don’t be shy.  If you’re a Disney fan, go to a meet-up. Follow your favorite bloggers and podcasters on Twitter and join them if you’re down there. They’re friendly and they like the same things you do!
  • The Halloween party is more than worth the cost. I don’t even like parades and this one had me mesmerized.
  • Don’t be afraid to go for a walk-up at your favorite restaurant.
  • Used Lines again. It was indispensable. Even showed a college cast member who approached me about it how to use it. If you’re on the fence, get it. It costs less than a burger and fries at Pecos Bills.
  • Via Napoli is probably my favorite new restaurant.  Disney finally got pizza right.
  • If you think you’re going back in the next year, buy an annual pass. Between the room discount (which I got at the last minute, after no general discounts were available) and merchandise and dining discounts, I’ve already saved about $150.
  • Resort theming is more important than I thought.
  • Going with a large group of people requires a lot of planning and coordination.

I’ll try to start putting up more later today and I’ll be answering some readers’ Q&A on different topics over at Chip and Co today as well, if you’d like to see those.  What a great trip!


  1. Welcome home Chris. đŸ™‚

    I just read your blog post…

    It sounds like you got a bunch of great stuff to share on the next podcast. I am like a kid waiting for XMas morning just sitting here waiting for everyone to get back and share all the cool stuff they saw and learned.

    “Resort themeing is more important than I thought.”

    What resort did you stay at? Sounds like someone might be looking at trying a moderate that does not have a bar. đŸ™‚

    The Special after hour events are SOOO worth going to for so many reasons. I can’t wait to hear about Mickey’s Not So Scary when we talk Monday night.

    – Steve

  2. Steve, I stayed at AllStarsSports. I didn’t like the theming. Maybe I’ll try a mod, although I might just rent points next time I go on a girls’ weekend since we need the space.

    I can’t wait to talk to you guys about Disney! I missed it this week.

  3. Hey Chris,

    I am really looking forward to Monday’s Podcast also. I keep thinking we should record two shows Monday night, but everyone will be to tired for that. There has been so much going on the last few weeks.

    Show #2 is live. I put the shows live every Wednesday. I can’t find my ipod. Ummm. I had it a few days ago.

    I am sitting here at home and Lisa calls we a few times a day. She was on the Disney Wonder Cruise Ship eating a buffet lunch at Parrot Cay and then I heard them walking into the lobby where they announce guests names as they board. They have been Everyplace at WDW. It sounds soooo cool.

    We were there at Wilderness Lodge last week, but just for one day. So I think that makes it even worse. One day is just a tease when food and wine is there and the Halloween party, and so much we could have done at the Wilderness Lodge…


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