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Five Things You’ve Never Done at Walt Disney World.

Want to try something completely different on your next trip? Here are five things you’ve probably never considered doing at Walt Disney World.

1. Play “bus bingo” next time you’re waiting for a bus and let the next bus that arrives determine where you’re going to explore. Even if the location doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, I guarantee you’ll find something new to like.

2. Do a professional photo shoot. Your own photos look great–it’s almost impossible to take a bad shot with such a beautiful backdrop–but if you want that professional touch, consider one of the many local photographers who will take pictures of you and your group on site. Keep in mind that you can’t bring professional photographers into the park, but if you go with a local photographer who knows the area well, they can find all the best locations at the resorts and Downtown Disney, as well as in Celebration.

3. Give away any fastpasses you can’t use to a deserving stranger as you leave the park or if your plans for that day change. It may sound like a little thing, but it’s a bit of kindness that people appreciate and remember and your chance to make some Disney magic for someone else.

4.  Do private dining at the Grand Floridian.  You’ll be attended by a butler at the location of your choice, including the Grand I, a private terrace overlooking the beach, or seated in a secluded location by the marina with a view of the fireworks.

5. Spend a a few hours volunteering with Give Kids the World, which provides trips to Disney World for sick children.  They call it “voluntourism” and it allows visitors to the Orlando area to give a little bit of Disney magic to deserving kids.  For more information and to sign up, visit here.


  1. I’ve been to disney a million times…never eaten at Grand Floridian…how is it? Is it wicked fancy? Always got nervous that I wouldn’t know which fork to use next! I’ve been to some excellent restaurants in Disney but have yet to try fine dining at the Floridian!

    xoxo follow my blog!

  2. That’s a fantastic list.. I love the voluntourism idea.. I’d like to add that into my family vacations when my son is older.. at 1, he won’t be very helpful and we wouldn’t be able to get away on our next trip. Maybe one day!

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