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Monday Morning Distraction.

Go ahead. Wrap yourself up in your Disney-themed Snuggie and check out these recent happenings in the Disney blogosphere.  Your boss won’t mind.

John Frost over at The Disney Blog talks about Disney’s new rule against the use of mobile devices while driving company vehicles. And he makes me snicker just a little at the end.

Most Disney fans are excited about the Fantasyland expansion in the Magic Kingdom.  WDW Magic has an entire sub-forum devoted to pictures, news, and speculation. 

If you’re doing Weight Watcher’s at Disney, check out the Disney Babies Blog for some tips. Good information for anyone who wants to watch what they eat with ease while visitingthe parks.

On the Mouse Chat Podcast we talked to author Lisa Battista about her book “Beyond the Attractions,” a guide to taking preschoolers to Disney World. Lisa has tons of useful tips and firsthand experience for parents, whether it’s your first trip or your . . . too many to count (and you know who you are).  You can check out Lisa’s site here.

Studios Central has a photo tour of this year’s Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights.

The Disney Food Blog has a list of holiday drinks available in Hollywood Studios that makes me want to grab one and a Disney Snuggie and go watch the Osborne Lights.

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