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Reader Email: Requesting a Late Night Check Out.

Going to try to clear out the old mailbox this week. Here’s an especially useful email on late check out:

Chris.  We have a late flight on our last day. Is it possible to get a later check out since we don’t plan on going to the parks that day and would like to relax?  Thank you.

The Cline Family

Cline Family:  Thanks for reading and for your question.  You can request a late check out but it will most likely cost you. Usually, if there’s space available, housekeeping will allow you to check out up until 1:00 p.m. without any cost.  If you check out between 1:00 and 4:00, expect to pay half of that day’s rack rate for the room. Rack rate is the full price that Disney advertises before discounts, so your room rate won’t reflect any discount you may have had during your stay. Check out anytime after 4:00 and you’ll be required to pay for the entire night.

If you do this, you must notify housekeeping 24 hours ahead of time.  Keep in mind that late check out is never guaranteed and can be difficult to get during busier times of the year.  Finally, late check out is generally not available at Disney Vacation Club properties.


  1. That’s definitely an issue in any hotel for that matter! Lucky for Disney though, they’ve got stuff to do while you wait!

    Of all the times I’ve been to Disney, we usually take 5pm or later flights home..so we usually hit up downtown disney (even if you just go sit in a restaurant and have a drink/apps)..or you can sit in the hotel lobby (lots of disney hotels have wicked comfy chairs!)

    Hotels should reconsider check-out times for those who do have late flights..completely agree with you on that one!!


  2. Another good tip – if you are leaving late, you can usually leave all your stuff with concierge and go play! We arrived early at the Contemporary once and left our stuff and headed to the park!

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