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More News on Children’s Counter Service Meal Credits. UPDATED.

If you read here you know that the state of children’s counter service meal credits is a confusing, and sometimes contentious, topic.  Just a few months ago I researched it thoroughly as possible and found that Disney does not differentiate from adult and child counter service meals, meaning you can technically purchase an adult meal with a child’s credit.  This was confirmed up the chain of command by Disney on several occasions.

As of right now, you can still use a childs’ credit for an adult meal.  We’ve gotten reports (Update: As recently as December 2011) that guests are still doing this, but we’ve also heard of of the rare instance of people being stopped at some locations. Bottom line:  Do what you feel works.  You’re not cheating the system because Disney could easily differentiate between adult and kids credits.

As soon as I hear of any changes, I’ll let you know.
I’ll keep you posted.

Read more about the counter-service kids meal brouhaha here and hereUPDATEPlease see this post (March 11, 2012). 


  1. From what I’ve heard/read, people are still doing it. I have a trip coming up, just me and my DD, and it would be really helpful if I could do it for one meal. To maximize credits and minimize OOP expenses, we’ll need to share a couple CS meals. I;m thinking we’ll share something on arrival day with my CS credit and then on departure day, we’ll use DD’s last credit for an adult meal and share that. Hopefully it will work. But if not, it’s not a big deal. We’ll just buy something OOP for me!

  2. Thanks Stephanie. I’m hearing pretty mixed news on this. Appreciate your input.

  3. I really appreciate what you’ve said. Thanks a lot for sharing that news.

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