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A Quiet Corner in Kidani Village.

One way that a Disney vacation is different than most vacations is that there’s very little downtime.  How can you possibly relax, or even sleep, when there’s so much to do and see?  I’m a willing victim of trying to do too much on every trip, but I’ve started making it a goal to find quiet spots in Disney World where I can sit and people watch or read a book, even for just a short while. While I doubt I’ll ever reach the point where my Disney trips are slow-paced, I’ve found that taking a short break each day helps slow me down and allows me to reflect on the experiences I’m having rather than allowing my trip to turn into a (admittedly fun) blur.

Animal Kingdom Lodge is one of my favorite resorts. I love the main building, Jambo House, for its incredible theme and energy, but my favorite part of AKL is Kidani Village, one of the two Disney Vacation Club properties attached to the resort. Kidani is smaller than Jambo House, but just as beautifully themed, and what draws me back time after time is how quiet and peaceful it is.  While most Disney lobbies are bustling with energy, Kidani, even during busier times, is calmer; you can actually hear the soft, African music. The low lighting, muted colors, and fun but subtle Disney-themed touches help ease you into the feeling that you’re cut off, in a good way, from the rest of Disney property.  It really is its own little world.

Kidani is lucky to have an ideal spot where guests can relax, a small lounge complete with a fireplace and WiFi; it’s officially known as the library, but you’ll need to bring your own books.  Several Disney resorts have impressive fireplaces; the beautiful stone fireplace in the Wilderness Lodge comes to mind.  But Kidani Village’s fireplace, while smaller, has the advantage of being cut off from the lobby, a fact which leads many guests to ignore it completely.  In fact, I’ve never been in the lounge when there have been more than three or four people in there. 

There are plenty of chairs and couches, as well as a few tables where you can do some work, that is if you can keep your eyes off the impressive savanna view from the floor to ceiling windows.  Right outside, there’s a balcony and viewing area as well.
The lounge at Kidani Village is one of those things that Disney does really well, the attention to detail that other companies miss altogether that keeps hardcore fans coming back. It’s present in the parks, in the restaurants, and in the resorts.  In this case, it’s taking a small corner that most people won’t even see and not just continuing the theme that’s present in the lobby, but actually going into loving detail with the furniture and artwork to create a cozy spot that you can claim as your own during your stay.  There are so many places on property just like this. On your next trip, I urge you to take the time to enjoy them yourself.
WiFi is now available at all Disney resorts.


  1. I love this!! We have never been…but may be new DVC owners soon…love to hear all about it.

  2. Think that people that buy DVC second hand will get free Wifi? đŸ™‚

  3. I love AKL. I was surprised how secluded it could feel, even for being on Disney property. My husband and I went to a bunch of the cultural activities they have. Super, super cool!

  4. We love this little corner, we were there during Christmas season in 2012 and enjoyed dinner at Sanaa, then a Mickey Ice Cream bar in front of the fireplace while listening to Christmas Carols,African style..what a treat!

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