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Big Changes at Port Orleans Riverside and the Contemporary Resort.

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Starting this November, you can combine your Disney vacation with a spa retreat complete with special menus with seasonal and organic foods, concierge service, a private yoga studio, and in-room massage. Best of all if you’re a Disney fan, you can do it all within walking distance of the Magic Kingdom.  Disney just announced that they’re turning the entire 14th floor of the Contemporary Resort into a health and wellness experience. Guests who stay in one of the newly appointed rooms will enjoy new allergen-reducing pillows and mattresses, rainwater showers, bamboo floors and exercise equipment.  Expect the serene, spa-like atmosphere to be a dramatic departure from the parks.  This is part of  a pilot program designed to appeal to the luxury market and if it’s successful, expect to see similar refurbishments of other deluxe resorts.

The question is, will it be a success?  I think there’s a good possibility and you can certainly bet that Disney has done their homework. By keeping it small and exclusive, this option will cater to a niche- market, the high-end, health conscious crowd that might not otherwise stay on property, offering an almost “boutique” hotel experience inside a Disney resort. It’s long been argued by some Disney guests that Disney has missed the boat on the luxury crowd, despite its deluxe resorts, so this type of addition might bridge that gap and give that group the amenities they want when they travel. 

This next bit of news is a no-brainer given the popularity of the Disney princess franchise.  In addition to changes at the Contemporary, Disney announced that it will be refurbishing 512 rooms, one-quarter of that resort’s inventory, in Port Orleans-Riverside.  The new rooms will have a princess theme, story behind them being that Tiana from The Princess and the Frog, invites two other princesses, Belle and Jasmin, to stay with her. All the rooms will have special touches that reference the movies and stories, such as the dog turned footstool from Beauty and the Beast and a facet shaped like Genie from Aladdin.  Disney hopes this refurbishment will keep guests who might otherwise be drawn to the new Art of Animation Suites staying in moderate resorts.

No word on whether or not these rooms will hold four or five people, but it’s been rumored internally that Port Orleans-Riverside will switch from sleeping five people to a room to four once the Art of Animation Suites are opened in the summer of 2012.

Source: Official Disney Parks Blog.


  1. Interesting…… Thanks for sharing!

    I hope the rooms at POR still hold 5. We only have 2 kids, but there will come a time when they can’t/won’t share a bed anymore and I was looking forward to the rooms at POR for the trundle bed. I have no desire to stay in a suite…why when the mod price is less than a suite price???

  2. I love the idea of the yoga studio.. but I wouldn’t be able to afford to stay on the elusive 14th floor to use the studio.

  3. Port Orleans is our favorite place to stay. My kids BEG for the French Quarter when we go to DW.

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