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Pictures from a Weekend at Disney World.

I went down to Disney World for a 4-day weekend and I just wanted to share some photos I took. It was very hot, but taking a break at the resort in the middle of the day and going to the parks late at night helped.  Those of you heading down this summer, don’t forget your hats and sunscreen!

We Stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge. I love to stay here and I think it’s the most beautifully themed resort on property. Having said that, I don’t love the buses.
Cinderella Castle at night. My eight-year old took this. Not bad for an iPhone, really.
The Main Street Electrical parade replaced Spectromagic (temporarily, at least). The music isn’t as good as  Spectro, but the floats are definitely better.
Yes, I’m a Galactic Hero on Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. Feel free to be in awe.
The crowds weren’t bad.  I would say that the only park that was hectic was Hollywood Studios due to Star Wars weekend, but even that was manageable. Standby waits for the newly re-opened Star Tours were around 70 minutes or less.

I love this resort. View of the Grand Floridian taken from the monorail on the way to the Magic Kingdom.

More in a bit. I want to talk about Star Wars Weekends and what can go wrong on the dining plan when you don’t plan as well as you thought!


  1. Never stayed at AK Lodge. Always wanted to though! Never wanted to spend that kind of money… : (
    Glad you were able to take a nice mini-vacation!

  2. We just missed you by a week.

    Got to DHS for Star Tours Weekend on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend and WOW!, what a crowd. Still, we got to do almost everything we had intended. I’m still amazed at the tight quarters of DHS, narrow streets and walkways..and the whole back lot area just seems like a misplaced labyrinth of passageways. Nevertheless, I love it there.

    We arrived just in time for the parade in the morning and I was a bit underwhelmed. I think Disney could do better than a simple walking parade of costumed characters. Our highlights were definitely Toy Story Mania and the Rockin’ Roller Coaster. My 9 year old hated Tower of Terror, but it was his first real thrill ride so I’m thinking it was a beginner’s reaction. He ended up loving Expedition Everest…go figure.

  3. Charon, you would love it. Keep an eye out for specials. AKL can be pretty affordable. I still love Pop, but I have to say, I think AKL is worth every penny. Been meaning to put up a post about it.

    Kendra, you’re right about DHS. Most Disney parks flow really well but MGM just seems like a maze. Especially Sunset Blvd–what’s the point of that?

    Congrats on getting your 9 year old on those rides. I still haven’t gotten my oldest (who’s 8) on either of them. I’m afraid he’s a ride chicken–just like me.

    Thanks for your comments, guys.

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