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Disney Ticket Prices Go Up June 12, Military Prices Out, and More.

Just a quick post to let everyone know that ticket prices for Disney parks will go up on Sunday, June 12.  Price increases are as low as 3.66 percent on a one-day base adult ticket to a whopping 13.8 percent increase for a ten-day base child’s ticket.  Easy WDW, who is clearly better at math than I am, has all the price increases here.  This announcement is a change from previous years, as ticket prices have historically gone up in August.  If you have a confirmed package reservation or a valid hold, your ticket prices will not change.

I’m also being told that 2012 package prices will come out soon, as early as Sunday or as late as July 1.  On a related note, military room rates under the Disney Armed Forces Salute, which was extended earlier this spring, came out yesterday for the rest of the year.  To qualify, you’ll need a valid retired or active military identification card. You may also take advantage of discounted tickets under this offer; you are not required to book a Disney room to purchase these tickets. Though this offer is good for most of 2012, resort room prices under the Armed Forces Salute are not out for 2012. I’ll update when they come out.

Finally, I’m still offering a free Disney gift card giveaway with each new vacation booked through the end of August; this offer is in addition to published discounts.  See this post for details.  Please email me at ChrisW@PixieVacations.com for more information.

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  1. It is a shame that even Disney World seem to be feeling the credit crunch pinch! Lets hope the prices dont go up much more!

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