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Update on the Grand Floridian DVC.

Interior of the Wedding Pavilion.

Disney hasn’t formally announced it yet*, but it’s looking increasingly like the Grand Floridian is set to become Disney’s newest Disney Vacation Club property, a move that will delight many and make more than few brides, and their moms, a little nervous due to the proximity of the Wedding Pavilion.  If you’d like to view the expanded plans, which show a larger building than previously planned jutting out slightly further into the Seven Seas Lagoon, you can see them here at Epcot Explorer.  I would be thrilled to own DVC at the Grand Floridian (sadly, unlikely) and I think the new building should give some great options to guests.

The big issue right now is construction, particularly any construction that might interrupt a bride and groom’s big day.  As you can see from the plans, Disney’s Wedding Pavilion is right next to the new site. While the only construction that we’ve seen seems to be a parking lot expansion adjacent to the Grand Floridian Spa, this email from a Disney bride and reader named Hannah** seems to indicate that the actual construction phase will be beginning soon:

We’re getting married at the WP in December and were told the side windows in the pavilion will be changed to stained glass to block the construction. This doesn’t bother me because I like the look of the stained glass windows in Francks and they’ll be similar, but I know some brides are worried about it not being light enough in there. Our planner also said that the site will be landscaped so that guests won’t be able to see it. I asked about noise and she told me they wouldn’t be doing construction during the weddings–not so sure I believe that. Just thought you’d want to know what I was told.

I did  a little searching and found out that the windows will be going in on July 17 and 18, so we can probably assume that the real construction, at least the landscaping designed to hide the construction, will take place shortly thereafter.  Rumor has it that the route for Cinderella’s coach will change as well.  If you’re doing beach pictures, you can still do those on the Polynesian side of the Wedding Pavilion. No word on the fate of that handy walking path from the Polynesian to the  Grand Floridian.

*Let’s not forget that Bay Lake Tower was well underway before Disney formally announced that it would become a DVC property.

**Many thanks for your email, Hannah. I always appreciate a good tip.

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  1. I am a Disney October bride.
    We were just made aware of the construction on Monday, August 8th.
    Very, very concerned about the impact it will have on our wedding!
    Do you have any more news about the construction? Our wedding planner is telling us very little.
    Not happy!!

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