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Just a Reminder, Gift Card Offer Ending Soon.

Like a hot summer day, this offer will be gone soon.
Too corny?

I’m still doing the gift card offer until August 31, 2011. Here’s how if works:  Book a new trip and you’ll receive a gift card based on the final amount of your vacation when you travel.  Gift card amounts are as follows:

  • $25 for vacations worth $1800 – $2599;  
  • $50 for vacations worth $2600 – $8999.
  • $75 for vacations worth $9000 – $11,999.
  • $100 for vacations worth $12,000 – $15,000.
  • $150 for vacations worth more than $15,000.
  • Get a $25 gift card for referrals over $1800 when the client travels.

This offer is in addition to Disney’s discounted promotions, so you have nothing to lose.  We don’t charge for our services or impose cancellation penalties so you’ll always do at least $25 better than booking directly with Disney.

These gift cards are not from my agency. They come directly out of my commission, so I have to add a few exclusions for practical reasons:

  • Multiple room bookings are not combined. You will receive a gift card based on the amount of your per-room booking.  For example:  Three vacations booked at $3000 each will receive three $50 gift cards, one per room.  Conversely, rooms that fall under the $1800 threshhold cannot receive a gift card.
  • Total amount excludes airfare, which Disney travel agents do not receive a commission on.
  • This offer is not available for “takeovers” from Disney.
  • The final gift card amount is based on your total before travel.
  • A gift card is not available with Pixie Vacations exclusive deals such as the December promotion or the Food and Wine offer.

This offer is good until the end of summer!

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