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Quick Tips: Your Kids’ Summer Clothes.

If you’re visiting Disney any time from November through February, you’ll want to pack both lightweight and heavier weight clothing, as the weather can be extremely unpredictable during this time of year. Since we plan a December trip every year, one thing I do is when it’s time to put the kids’ summer clothes and shoes away, I don’t put their things in storage or donate them right away. Instead, I pack it all in a suitcases that I’m going to bring to Disney. This way, it’s ready for when we go and I don’t have to hunt down last summer’s bathing suits and shorts.

When you’re at the point where you’re ready to do your real packing, just go through the clothes to make sure they still fit and you’re good to go. If you’re out shopping and you see some ridiculously priced summer items on the sales rack, think about throwing those items in your suitcase in as well, if you’re kids are like mine and their summer clothes take a beating.  Even here in North Carolina, it’s hard to find inexpensive lightweight clothing after October. Wait too long, and you’re stuck buying expensive “resort wear.”  By storing (and even purchasing) these items early, you won’t be running around in January looking for shorts.


  1. that is some of the best advice i’ve ever heard! Yes, weather here is DEFINITELY unpredictable! I’ve worn shorts on christmas day and wool that night! HA!

  2. We leave from the Buffalo, NY area on Wednesday for 2 weeks in the World and while we’re definitely done with shorts and t-shirt weather here I kept all the kid’s summer stuff out for this trip! The forcast looks great, so far, but I’ll be packing some warmer stuff too – just in case!

  3. Great advice Chris, i have been planning a disney trip since last year.

  4. It is a magical world, isnt it?

    Best regards from Jardim Zen

  5. I was planning a Disney World´s vacations, and now I´m sure I will be there. Thanks!

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