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Cinderella’s Holiday Wish Stage Show.

Every night during the holiday season, Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother makes a little bit of magic by decorating the castle in beautiful lights that sparkle like icicles.
The show starts with Mickey and all the gang dressed in their holiday finery.

Time to decorate Cinderella Castle for Christmas.
So many decisions to make!  What should they do?

Thankfully, the Fairy Godmother appears to lend a hand.

She needs your help to make some magic.

Everyone joins in to make Cinderella’s dream come true.

The Fairy Godmother begins lighting the castle with the encouragement from the audience.

The lights go on in sections, which adds to the excitement once you see the entire castle lit up.  Then Cinderella and the Prince come out to enjoy it.

A happy ending, each and every night.

A beautiful way to end your day.

The show starts every night between 6:00 and 6:30 depending on when it gets dark.  As you get closer to Christmas, it will start around 6:00.  Nearly every spot in front of the castle will give you a good view, but if you’re going to be leaving shortly after the show, stake out a spot near Casey’s Corner and then wind your way through the shops so you can avoid the throngs leaving the park via Main Street.  Remember that on Christmas party nights, you’ll need to leave the park by 7:00 p.m. if you don’t have a party ticket, but there is still plenty of time to enjoy this show.

Thanks to Bob and Donna for the photos! Much appreciated, guys.

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  1. I love this show! Watching those lights come on, ohhh… Thanks for the walk down memory lane! 🙂

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