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Fantasyland Expansion Updates with Pictures: January 31, 2012

I had the opportunity to spend the day at the Magic Kingdom this past Saturday, and get some new shots of the ongoing construction in Fantasyland. What started as a large mound of dirt is continuing to take shape and I am constantly impressed by the changes taking place before my eyes. It had been about three weeks since I was last in the park and quite a bit has been done since that time. 
Looking out, you can see Dumbo -but those are the new vehicles, not the existing Dumbo (which by the way, has been removed from its current spot in anticipation of its move). Behind Dumbo and to the right, you can see part of the “Great Goofini” roller coaster and where it has been made to look like the track is breaking through the wall. The large rectangular area in front where those workers are I am pretty sure is where the Snow White “Mine Car” attraction will go. That was just a large hole a few weeks ago! 
You get a slightly better view of Dumbo here, and a much closer view of the Great Goofini as well. You can also see where cement has been poured in front of that large crane -the foundation for the Snow White attraction. Behind Dumbo to the left of the Great Goofini is what will be the new Fantasyland train station. I didn’t get a good shot of it, unfortunately, but I will say it looks beautiful; the brick work on it is really nice.
I was just impressed by the amount of scaffolding up in this picture. I thought it was part of the track for the roller coaster, but I saw another website report that this is actually one of the Storybook Circus tents. Plus, you have to admit that giant crane in the picture is pretty sweet, too! 

Another one of the big top circus tents in Storybook Circus. Whereas three weeks ago, just the framing was up, it is almost completely enclosed now! I did try to get a better shot of this, but I got chased down off my perch by a cast member, darn! 

Storybook Circus and Dumbo may be getting lots of attention, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the expansion isn’t! Here, work continues on Ariel’s Under the Sea attraction. This section is a portion of Prince Eric’s Castle.
A different angle of the Little Mermaid/Ariel attraction taking shape can be seen here. I love how well Disney does rock work, it looks so real! 
Speaking of rock work, workers are still adding rock work and other details to Beast’s Castle. You can’t really tell from this photo, but some of the rocks had a green tinge to them, perhaps to look like moss or grass? I have no doubt that when this is finished, it’s going to look just like it did in the movie. 
Tell me those don’t look like real rocks, right? Again, what’s amazing to me is how quickly work is getting done. There is obvious progression from week to week. 
Another shot of the castle and the “rock” work. You can see the metal rods sticking out in this photograph. I’m not sure what’s going to be put there -maybe by the next update I’ll have my answer!  What I also like about this photo is how Disney uses forced perspective. The top of the castle looks huge, but when you see it in person, it’s actually pretty small when viewed among the surroundings. Besides, you know Cinderella would never let anyone put a bigger castle than hers in the park. 
Lastly, Belle’s village is really taking shape. This is probably the part of the expansion project I was most impressed with only because a few weeks ago, it looked like there were in the early stages of construction; I only noticed framing on one or two houses/shops. And now, it looks like a village. 
A side shot of the work going on in Belle’s Village. It can be hard to tell from these photos but the attention to detail and the artistic quality of the work being done not just in this section, but throughout the project is really impressive. I had my doubts about this expansion when it was announced, but seeing all of it coming together and taking shape, I think you’re really going to feel like each area or land is distinct and that you’re going to be transported there. Oh, and if you’re wondering about the workers, crews have been out every Saturday I have been to the park, working all day. 
Last shot for now! I told you lots of work was being done over in Belle’s Village. Chris and I are very excited by all these changes, as we know our readers are. We’ll continue to update you regularly on the progress of the expansion and of course, when it opens, expect a detailed review.  


  1. GREAT pics!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!

  2. Great pictures, thanks for the updates!

  3. Please keep the pics coming!!! We are all hanging on every word!!! Our family reunion is this August, will it be finished??

  4. Pik C Dust, we think a lot of it will be done and we’re hoping for Ariel, at least. We know for certain that Storybook Circus will be done by then as well.

    But really, there’s a ton of speculation out there and no one really knows. đŸ™‚

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