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Fantasyland Expansion Photo Update, February 27, 2012.

Who’s looking forward to eating dinner in Beast’s Castle?

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve had the opportunity to look at the work being done on the Fantasyland expansion, and progress continues to be made. You can click on any of the pictures to see the larger versions.

We start with the area around Beast’s Castle. In my last update, I wondered what would go on the steel rods sticking out of the rocks. The answer so far has been – wait for it – more rocks. Through the use of forced perspective, when finished, the Castle will look as if it is perched high on top of a mountain. 

A home fit for a prince.

Moving on and over to the right of Beast’s Castle to the Under the Sea – Voyage of the Little Mermaid attraction, lots of work has been done to Prince Eric’s Castle, as we now have domes appearing! 

These next two close up shots show the level of detail being put into the Castle. I love the patina on the walls! 

Work also continues on all sections of Belle’s Village. This is probably the area that seems to have the least amount of work done to it at this point.

There’s still a lot  of framing around what will be Gaston’s Tavern and a gift shop, but the exterior hasn’t changed much from the last few weeks. 

Crews are working on it though, even on Saturdays. It’s been that way since construction started.

And progress has been made in the last couple of weeks to the exterior of Maurice’s Workshop. According to the Disney Parks blog, the workshop will be surrounded by a wishing well, footbridges and lush landscaping. Once inside, guests will step through a magic mirror and find themselves inside Beast’s expansive library, which he created as a gift for Belle in the film. This room will serve as the setting for a memorable character interaction experience with Belle, with a little help from Lumiere, the enchanted candlestick.

Next stop on our photo tour, Storybook Circus. It’s no surprise that this area is getting lots of attention since a significant portion of it, including the new Fantasyland Train Station, one side of Dumbo, and the Great Goofini are to open at the end of March (Disney hasn’t announced an exact date for “end of March” as of this writing). Here you see that one of the big tops has been covered by a tent, whereas two weeks ago, they were both still uncovered. 

Lots of color and signage has been added to the area, too. In front of the sign that says “Barnstormer” you can see the new Dumbo that will be operating when Storybook Circus opens to guests. To the rear left, part of the train station can be seen. 

The scaffolding is down over by the Great Goofini now as well. Here’s a close-up of the roller coaster with the cutout. To the right, you see another tent that is up; I believe that will be covering in between the two Dumbo rides once they are both operating. It’s very hard to tell with all of the construction walls and vehicles in the way sometimes!

I know lots of young guests are eager to ride Dumbo! They were testing it earlier in the week.

Lighting has been installed now throughout Storybook Circus. I love the bright colors on everything to really make it seem like the circus has come to town.
To the far rear left, you see the Fantasyland Train Station. 

This is the backside of the new Fantasyland Train Station. I wanted to give you an idea of the incredible brick work on it. I really like the way it is turning out. It is also going to be pretty substantial in size, which is good news, because there are going to be plenty of visitors when the expansion opens up!

We end our photo tour with a picture of why it’s so hard now to get pictures of the Fantasyland expansion in progress. This is Pinocchio’s Village Haus Restaurant in the current Fantasyland. From the second floor windows, I used to be able to get great shots of the entire expansion being built (come for the photos, leave before you decide to eat the food there!). Well, I guess I wasn’t the only one, and clearly, Disney management doesn’t want people taking photos -because as you can see, they stapled thick white cloth over the windows to block the view outside.

Until next time, thanks for joining us on this photo tour! I hope you enjoyed it. And Chris, I realize I went way over 100 words for the article, so you win the bet this time. (editor’s note: Does this mean you’re buying the turkey legs, Bob?)

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  1. This is absolutely amazing!!! I have been to disney world about 12 times since I was 10 and am now about to turn 20!!! I cant wait to hopefully go back this coming October to see what all they have gotten finished since I was there this Christmas!! You have created a wonderful visual for those of us who truely LOVE going and seeing Disney World!!! Thank you!!!


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