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Restaurant Review: The Plaza.

Deluxe cheeseburger and fries.

A lot of times when I’m in the parks, I want a quiet meal. It’s less about the food than just sitting down someplace where I don’t have to compete to get a table and where someone brings me my food.  Bonus points if it’s a litle quieter than Cosmic Rays.  The Plaza Restaurant fits that bill completely.

Located in the Magic Kingdom, the Plaza serves reliably good sandwiches and provides a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the Magic Kingdom.   Afterwards, you can also satisfy your sweet tooth with ice cream specialties and cheesecake. The decor continues the theme you’ll see all along Main Street USA:  Imagine an early 20th Century ice cream parlor, complete with windows decked out in sheer white curtains, white moulding, brass accents, and green chairs. The room is pretty without being fussy and the staff is friendly and attentive, as is the case in most Disney restaurants.

The reuben sandwich is a favorite, with corned beef stacked high. If you’re a New Yorker, you might want to pass, but the rest of us will enjoy this spicy sandwich served with crispy fries.

Rueben Sandwich.

Vegetarians aren’t left out. In fact, if you forgo eating meat, the Plaza is a much better alternative than the veggie burgers and sandwiches you’ll find at quick-service locations in the parks.  At $10.99, this sandwich costs just slightly more than a quick-service meal and comes with mozzarella, hummus, pesto, cucumber, roasted red pepper, tomato, and lettuce on a freshly baked foccaccia   You also get a choice of broccoli slaw, chips, or fries.

Vegetarian Sandwich.

I really enjoyed the cheeseburger here. I’m sure it’s the same patty you get elsewhere in the Magic Kingdom, but it was fresher and the bun tasted better.  I’d go back just for it.  The fries that come with all these sandwiches are larger and crispier than those served at quick-service locations. You can also get thick-cut chips. Both are a nice choice, but I’m going to give an edge to the fries.

Part of a larger group?
As your server if you can push your tables together.

The Plaza is the type of restaurant where, if you stick with simple dishes, you’ll leave happy, but venture into the more complicated territory of pastas and (gasp) meatloaf and you’ll probably be disappointed.  Since entrees here cost only a bit more than your average quick-service meal, I recommend not using a table-service credit, especially if you’re not getting dessert.  Instead, just pay out of pocket.  Reservations are not difficult to get, but if you’d like to eat at peak times, make sure to make your reservations as far out as possible.


  1. Obviously that review couldn’t have been written by Bob! Why does he hate the Plaza so much? I don’t consider it great dining, but a WAY better option than the counter service for basically the same price.. add in the Tables in Wonderland and it’s a way better option. Just curious!

  2. He had a bad burger there. It ruined him for life. I’m with you though. We’re going there one night before the cruise just because we don’t want to eat counter service–a quiet restaurant at that price is a much better deal.

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