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Castaway Cay.

On the last day of the preview cruise, the Disney Fantasy docked at Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island. Other cruise lines have private islands, but Disney’s is the only one where you don’t need a launch to reach it.  Instead, you just walk right off the ship.  On your way, you might meet a character or two.  Jack Sparrow was on the walkway to the beach.

Pretty umbrellas and a beautiful blue sky.
This friendly little fellow lives on the island. The cast members take care of him but no one seemed to know his name!
There are shops on the island selling souvenirs, T-shirts, and practical items like beach toys, sunblock, and even bathing suits.
The first area you’ll come to is the family beach.

The family beach has a diving platform called Pelican Plunge. You’ll need to be able to swim to get out there as the water is quite deep.
There’s plenty of places to sit and relax.. 
Guests over the age of 18 can also visit Serenity Bay, the adults only beach. It’s less “themed” than the family beach, but a nice spot for relaxing.  Just like on the ship, there’s a ton of food. At lunch, they serve up grilled burgers, steaks, hot dogs, ribs, and sides. There’s also an ice cream bar.  Sodas are free but you’ll be charged for bottled water.

On our way back to the ship, we were treated to a visit from the Fantasy’s sister ship, the Disney Dream.  It was the perfect way to end the day.

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  1. So jealous! Looks like a great time. Can’t wait to hear more 🙂


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