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How To: Avoiding Diaper Drama.

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People often ask if you can buy diapers and wipes in Disney parks. The answer is yes. Disney’s Babycare Centers, located in all four parks, stock diapers and other baby/toddler supplies.  Unfortunately, they’re expensive very limited in size, so unless you have a medium-sized baby, bring your own diapers; you’ll find newborn and toddler-sized diapers virtually nonexistent.  Wipes pose a slightly different problem.  You can buy them, but be careful.  Introducing new wipes can cause diaper rash, particularly if your baby is sensitive or has an upset stomach from travelling and new food.  I know that when I’ve changed wipes on my twins, the more “sensitive” twin (ahem, the boy) almost always got a rash. 

Does this mean you need to pack 376 diapers and 4000 wipes for a five-day trip?  I’ve definitely come close to filling up an entire suitcase with baby supplies.  The bonus is that when you leave, you’ll have extra space your luggage to put souvenirs.  But if you have a car you’ll be happy to know that there’s a Super Target and a Walmart just a few miles off Disney property; they have everything your local stores have. 

You can even order your usual diapers from services like Garden Grocer and We Go Shop or you can send diapers to your resort from any of the companies you usually buy from (Target, directly from the company, etc.).  Most resorts, including those on Disney property, will hold items for you until you pick them up, but make sure you ask ahead of time.  Because buying from the source and shipping to your resort is so easy, I don’t normally recommend any of the Orlando based disposable diaper delivery services. They’re a great idea–some of them even “bundle” diapers and wipes for easy trips to the park–but they’re so expensive, I think you’re better off getting your diapers on your own.


  1. Chris – this is super advice – I never would have thought of having diapers sent to the resort ahead of time. What a great packing space saver! I would have been afraid to buy diapers on-site. Aside from the cost, one of the twins pees through every brand we’ve tried, with the exception of Target’s. Not my idea of a good time!


  2. I admit, I avoided diaper drama completely – I didn’t have kids . . .

    Can you imagine if you decided to do cloth diapers at the parks! You would know for sure that no one would steal your stroller.

  3. This is fantastic! I didn’t even think about the fact that we would have extra room in our bags at the end. I did not realize that toddler diapers would be hard to find in the parks. Good to know for our trip next spring

  4. We always ship a box of diapers, wipes, swimming diapers, kiddy snacks, disposable sippy cups, etc down a week before our trip. If you put your name and stay dates on the mailing (we use UPS) the Disney resort will hold it and bring it to you at check-in. Works great and you know you have exactly what you need!

  5. We have had “blow-ups” with honest diapers, but that was the indication we needed a bigger size, as it travelled up the back of the diaper and wouldn’t have been an issue if the diaper was slightly bigger. We’ve gone from NB to Size 1 and now on Size 2 and almost ready for Size 3. (Knock on wood) With Size 2, she hasn’t any blow-ups thus far.

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