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Souvenir Pressed Pennies at Walt Disney World

Collectibles at Walt Disney World can be fairly expensive. Vinylmations, figurines, trading pins and other toys can add a lot of money and stress to your vacation budget. How many times have you had to hunt down an elusive pin or buy several Vinylmation boxes to get the one your kid (or you) wants?

One of our favorite collectibles over the years has been the pressed pennies that you can find all over the theme parks, hotels, shopping areas and water parks of Walt Disney World. In most cases, the 51 cents that you pay for a pressed penny can be one of the cheapest souvenirs you can collect.

The most reliable estimates from the website PressCoins is that there are over 190 pressed coin machines with almost 500 pressed pennies, four pressed dimes and  70 pressed quarters available. There are various lists of the locations and you can treat it like a scavenger hunt. You can find coins with characters and theme park-related designs. After you start collecting, you are bound to collect certain designs, like specific characters or all the coins from one of the parks. Personally, I hunt down the pennies that highlight my favorite theme park attractions like the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean.

The most common machines are the pressed penny machines and at 51 cents, they are one of the least expensive souvenirs that you will find anywhere. For the pressed penny machines, you insert one penny and two quarters and make your selection from one of three designs. Most of the machines are electronic, but a few of them are manual with hand cranks. After you choose your design, you press the appropriate button or hand crank the penny through the press. The pennies can come out a little warm, but not too hot.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Geek Tip: On our vacations, we bring a roll of pennies and a roll of quarters. This will let you make 20 pressed pennies. We keep the change in a sandwich bag to make it easy to retrieve. You can always get change at your hotel or at most shops. The kids can always rifle through your change at the end of the day to find more pennies and quarters. You can also keep the coins in a M&M’s Mini round case.

Disney sells pressed coin books that you can use to store your collection and they cost $7.00-$14.00 depending on the type of the book. We have several at home since we seem to buy a new one on each trip.

Do you collect pressed pennies?

Are there any other low-cost souvenirs that you always get?


  1. I love collecting pressed pennies. For a few months leading up to my Disney vacation I save all of the shiniest pennies I can find, they have the best results for the design to be transferred. The old, darker pennies do not show the Disney design as clearly. I also use a M&M minis tube to keep the change in.

  2. You can use a container from M&M minis and stack 2 quarters and one penny, two quarters and one penny, etc. until you reach the top. Then your kids just have to slightly tip the container and a perfect 51 cents come out! It also keeps them contained so you can easily store them in a fanny pack, backpack, or even a cargo pocket.

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