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Go Away Green and No See-um Gray at Disney

Pay no attention to that door.

There are times when Disney doesn’t want you to notice things.

What kind of things, you ask?

Well, doors, buildings or anything that might ruin the show.

There are lots of ways that Disney does this, but one of the more common ways is to paint the item in question. Disney has developed two distinct colors they use to hide things in plain sight: Go Away Green and No Seeum Gray.

One of the more famous uses of the paint is on the door of the exclusive Club 33 restaurant in New Orleans Square at Disneyland. (Thanks to Daveland for the photo.)

On a recent trip, I was explaining how Disney did this to a friend while we were sitting in the Tomorrowland Terrace charging our phones. I realized that the buildings next to us had a perfect example of the paint.

At the end of Main Street is the Plaza Restaurant. The last building before Tomorrowland is painted a dark green and holds the sunroom area of the Plaza. Do you see the building jutting out behind it?

This is a view of the side of the building that houses part of the kitchen and ancillary services for the popular eatery. The intention of the color is to make you pass by without noticing it.

Disney also takes advantage of sight lines when painting show buildings. The following photo is taken from the Germany Pavilion looking across the lagoon towards Canada. Notice the curved building that is painted sky blue? That is the Soarin’ show building.

Disney Imagineers can also hide a building using its architecture. The Hollywood Tower of Terror in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is 199 feet tall and can be seen from the Future World as you look across the lagoon towards the Morocco Pavilion. In order to make the building blend in, the Imagineers made the backside of the tower take on more of a Moroccan flair. It blends in with the buildings in Epcot very well!


Have you noticed any other areas where they use the different paints or camouflage the building or its surroundings?? (And, no, it is not a trick question.)


  1. A very interesting read. Disney is very good at many things, I suppose camoflauge (sp) should be one too.

  2. I’m not sure if the pictures are doing it justice. I’ll have to wait until I visit to see if they really do mask things. It’s hard to tell by looking at the pics.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    The show building for the Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland is painted the same green, since you can see it from the parking lot. And there is a security booth on top of it.

    It looks obvious in the pictures, but fades away in person:


  4. Really cool. I love the nicknames for the colors!

  5. Great article! My group finally got into Club 33 a couple of weeks ago, and even though we knew where to look for the entry, we walked right past the door twice!

    The Tower of Terror solution for Epcot’s sight line is brilliant!

  6. Rich, I walked past the door many times before I saw it.

  7. the tower of terror! wow

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