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Fastpass+ for Off-Site Guests.

You’ve probably heard about Fastpass+, the new process for selecting your fastpasses at Walt Disney World. If you’re a guest on Disney property, you’re now able to make your fastpass selections online up to 60-days in advance using your MyDisneyExperience account and your resort reservation number. But if you’re not staying on property, where does that leave you? Well, Disney recently removed the old “legacy” fastpass machines in which you simply insert your park ticket and get a fastpass for certain attractions. Now, you’ll use a Fastpass+ kiosk in the park to make your selections. Here’s how this works.

When you visit the parks now, you’ll see Fastpass+ kiosks in various locations.  These kiosks are manned by Disney cast members.

In some cases, a cast member will make the selections for you on an iPad, as pictured above.  At other kiosks, you’ll have an actual stand-up Fastpass+ machine where you’ll make your selections. A cast member will also be there to assist you.

Simply tap your park ticket to the Mickey head to get started and the screen pictured below will pop up. At this time, if you’re traveling with other guests, you can add them tapping their tickets to the Mickey head as well. This way, all your fastpasses will be at the same time so you can enjoy the rides together.

Next you’ll make your fastpass selections.

You’ll get up to four possible configurations of your fastpass choices. Later in the day, as fastpasses run out, you’ll have fewer choices.

Currently, there are no plans for off-site guests to be able to make these reservations ahead of time online, nor will you be allowed to make selections for more than one day at a time. This means if you’re visiting for multiple days, you’ll do this each day.  While that might sound burdensome, it’s actually easier than the old system where you had to run to each fastpass machine to get your fastpass once the other ran out.

The new fastpass system and MyDisneyExperience are changing all the time, so expect updates as new information comes in, but for now, this system should be in place for the near future.


  1. Useful information. I’m there in May, and I’m not staying on the Disney property!

  2. Annual Pass Holders are now able to make the fast pass+ through the app regardless of whether they are on property or not

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