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Be Our Guest Restaurant Opening Rumor!

Why aren’t those people jumping over the fence?!?!

Chris was talking to a cast member on Sunday about the opening of Fantasyland and has this tasty rumor to share:

Here’s some gossip regarding the fantasyland expansion. Rumor has it that the Be Our Guest restaurant will open sometime this summer, possibly late July. The gift shops in that area will open then as well. You’ll be able to access that area only.

As a reminder, this is only a rumor. We have also heard that you might be able to make Advanced Dining Reservations this July for sometime in Fall 2012.

Check out the post that we wrote about trying to nail down the dates for the Fantasyland Expansion.

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  1. Exciting to contemplate! I’ll keep checking for online reservations every day, just in case. It gives me something to do with my nervous energy until we get to WDW in October… ; )

  2. WOW!!! I would LOVE it if this rumor turned out to be TRUE !!!

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