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Please welcome Melissa from Picturing Disney.
If you are anything like me, Disney food can be as enticing a reason to plan a return trip as the ambiance and the all-inclusiveness of the resort.  I tell people all the time that it’s because Disney cooks and bakes some magic right in every dish.

One of the most overlooked and delicious ways to enjoy Disney food is the amazing and unique snacks. Everything has that Disney touch.  Do you have a favorite? I couldn’t choose just one so here are my top 10:

1.  Mickey Premium Ice Cream bars.  There are no words for my love for these crunchy, sweet, mickey-shaped ice creams.

2.  Dole Whips.  Obviously, these make the list, but for me its the Dole Whip float that steals the show. What is your favorite treat from Aloha Isle?

3.  Pretzels. I’m a sucker for Mickey Shaped foods and soft pretezels are no exception.

4.  Practically Perfect Punch.  This is availabe at Jolly Holiday in Disneyland and I can’t get enough of it  (Jungle Juice and Ohana Juice may be a tie for 4th on second thought).

5.  Mickey Waffles.  I know, again with mickey shaped food! These are just perfect.

6.  Main Street Bakery Cupcakes or Boardwalk Bakery muffins.  When a muffin is a meal that keeps you completely stuffed for hours you know you’re in Disney.

7.  Rice Krispy Treats. I love how these come with so many quick service meals and I’ve sometimes been known to hoard a couple in my room and take them home with me to enjoy Disney magic after the trip.

8.  Cotton Candy/Popcorn.  Even though these are very different I have to group them together because I love them for not just their taste but for the awesome containers they often come in!

9.  Churros.  I adore Disney churros from the Mexico pavillion in Epcot and the carts in Disneyland.

10.  Orange Citrus Swirl.  I had to make this #10 because I know I WILL love it but have not tried one yet.  Wishful thinking?

Whats your most favorite Disney treat? Did it make the list? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to come and check out my photoblog, Picturing Disney!


  1. Mickey’s Premium is my favourite snack.

    Followed by a piece of English Toffee.

    Frozen banana on stick.

    And the free chocolate square from Ghirardelli’s.

  2. I shouldn’t have read this while I was hungry. đŸ™‚

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