Looking for an inexpensive, quick-service alternative to burgers and fries? Last week the Disney Springs branch of the beloved Blaze Pizza chain opened and did not disappoint. Advertising “Blazing hot oven + dedicated pizzasmith + 180 seconds = fast-fire’d, perfectly crisp perfection,” Blaze Pizza allows the guest to pick from a huge variety of crusts, sauces, cheeses and meat and veggie toppings. The whole process takes around seven minutes from start to finish, with three of those minutes, 180 seconds, taking place in the oven.


How Does It Work?

Blaze Pizza is a quick-service location, so you’ll just go up to the counter and order. The best deal is the “build your own” option, an 11-inch “personal” pizza that’s big enough to share if your appetite isn’t too big. You’ll first choose your crust: thick, thin, or gluten-free.  Next, you’ll continue down the counter and choose from a variety of sauces, cheese and meats. While you pay your pizza is in the oven, getting pipping hot and delicious. There’s also the usual sodas (including specialty sodas), lemonade, beer and wine.


Salads and cookies are also available. We liked the crunchy kale salad–it practically makes your pizza guilt-free!


Expect to pay around $10 for a pizza.  Add as many toppings as you like with the “build your own” option; there’s no extra charge.



Disney has always been sensitive to those with food allergies and you’ll find that same approach at Blaze Pizza.  Judicious use of gloves, separate prep areas for those sensitive to gluten and dairy, as well as vegan “cheese,” gluten-free crusts, and special stones for baking “allergy” pizzas are just some of the precautions that ensure that those with allergies can be fed safely.


On the day we visited, we encountered crowds but nothing that wasn’t manageable. Seating is at long picnic-style tables. This isn’t a place to rest or have a romantic meal, but it’s an easy, friendly location to feed the family, get out of the heat, and fuel up for a day, or night, of shopping. And at the price, especially in Disney Springs, you can’t beat it.


How Does It Taste?

In a word, delicious. Blaze Pizzas are a fresh, budget-friendly alternative to higher-priced eateries that are popping up all over Disney Springs.  Try the blood orange lemonade. It’s definitely a different, Florida-feeling, taste.  We’ll definitely be back.

Blaze Pizza takes the Disney Dining plan as a quick-service credit.  You may also use annual passholder  and cast member discounts. Blaze is open for lunch and dinner until 11:00 pm Sunday through Thursday; hours are extended until midnight on Friday and Saturday night.