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Breakfast at Kouzzina

Kouzzina is on  Disney’s beautiful Boardwalk.

Sometimes I like to cut to the chase in these food reviews so I can spare you the ten minutes or so it might take to read (although I appreciate it if you do), so I’ll just be blunt here:  Kouzzina, at least for breakfast, is terrible.I thought the service was fine, but you expect nothing less from Disney restaurants; servers are usually well-trained and friendly.  Same too for the decor. It was “nice.”  But the food? Good lord almighty.

Now, I’m just going to come right out and say I have a strong bias toward Cat Cora. I think she’s delightful and usually, her recipes are fantastic. For this reason, it pains me to give her restaurant such a bad review, but in fairness to everyone who reads this, the truth needs to be told. Here’s a restaurant that occupies prime real estate on  Disney’s Boardwalk, surrounded by no less than five resorts, all of which have people who, presumably, are going to need to eat breakfast. Sadly, rather than serve that demographic well, Kouzzina suffers from unskilled hands in the kitchen and an unappealing menu,

Kids Mickey waffles and fruit cup.

We stayed at Boardwalk last weekend and decided that eating breakfast before we went to the parks would be easier on the kids.  Kouzzina was right there and I’d been wanting to try it so we walked in at around 9:00. The restaurant was empty and service was quick.  My twins ordered the Mickey pancakes which were heavy and slightly greasy. These were doused with syrup and eaten with few complaints, as you might expect from little kids who haven’t quite blossomed into food critics. At least at $6.99, you’re not spending much more than you would at a quick-service restaurant.  My older son had the Mickey waffles. These were actually quite good, fluffy and a little sweet.  I would definitely recommend skipping the pancakes in favor of these.

Spinach, eggs, tomatoes and feta. And more feta.

The real problem, however, was with my and my husband’s breakfast.  I won’t mince words here: They were both awful. My husband ordered the scrambled eggs with spinach, tomatoes and feta.  This actually sounds like a great combination, but if you know feta, you know that a little goes a long way. The cook, apparently, wasn’t aware of this old chestnut or perhaps he just had an extra block of it laying around and felt like bestowing upon us a rather large chunk of cheese. Whatever the case, it completely overwhelmed what was potentially a nice dish. To the chef’s credit, the eggs weren’t overcooked and the potatoes were edible. The sausages were the same breakfast links you see all over property, only this time they were made of chicken rather than pork. Good but not remarkable.

Stacked Kouzzina Breakfast.
I had the stacked Kouzzina breakfast, which is two poached eggs covered in an artichoke spread served atop a sweet potato hash. It comes with a side of bacon or chicken sausage and kalamata olive toast.  I ordered this mainly because I love sweet potatoes but also because I thought it was an interesting nod to both Cat Cora’s Greek heritage and her southern roots and I wondered how this would come together. I think you might know where this is going, right? Taken alone, the elements of the dish were fine. The hash, while bland, was good comfort food. The eggs were perfectly poached. Even the kalamata toast was nice. But thrown together in one dish? It was laughably bad!  I have rarely met an artichoke I didn’t like, but the mess that was served on top of the eggs was a salty disaster. If there was any artichoke in there you couldn’t prove it by me.
The one plus Kouzzina has going for it at breakfast is the crowds: There are none. You can literally waltz right in and be seated right away most days, and maybe that’s the problem. With everyone rushing to the parks or to character breakfasts at other resorts, there’s really no need to tinker with the menu. This is a shame because there are very few places to eat a sit down, non-character breakfast in the Epcot resort area.
I’m willing to bet that if you stick with the “American” style breakfast on the menu–that is, a simple platter of bacon, egg, toast and biscuits–you’ll be a lot happier. I’m also curious to try Kouzzina now for dinner, as I’ve actually heard good things about it. Will it be just as bad?  I don’t know if I’m willing to chance it. With so many good restaurants just a fifteen minute walk away in Epcot, it’s going to be really hard to get me back in there. I may have to just keep wondering.


  1. We stayed at the Boardwalk last March and had breakfast at Kouzzina several days. We had a chance to try a lot of different things on the menu. Yes, it is nice to not fight the crowds at one of the parks for breakfast. We slept in late and just walked into Kouzzina where there were no crowds and had leisurely breakfasts.

    Now, the wife and I cook most meals at home from scratch. We are retired and cook a lot, and we try to eat healthy and I think we have pretty good taste in food. We don’t use salt much so our taste buds are used to actually tasting the food itself without the enhancement of salty additives. The time we were there, we thought the food was pretty good. The price is reasonable and the food is definitely different – with the Greek touch. I like strong cheese, so the feta cheese in the breakfast is fine with me. I like the olive bread toast. Yes, there might be a little blandness where at home I would add some spices to shake things up. But I would not call the food here terrible. We had very pleasant breakfasts at Kouzzina and we would go back again without a problem.

  2. Glad you liked it. Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

  3. I tried to comment yesterday, but my computer had a meltdown :D. Anyway, I am so glad that you did this review, as I love Cat Cora – however, this does not look good. I think that the empty factor would have a lot to say about their breakfast offerings… Thanks for another great review, yay!

  4. Thank you for posting about this restaurant. I don’t think we’ll be going there anytime soon…..THere are MANY others we’d rather eat at that ARE good!

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  6. Just shows why food reviews are essentially useless. Different people like different things. My wife and I loved the Stacked Kouzzina breakfast so much that we have been trying (so far unsuccessfully) to re-create it. To each his own I guess!

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