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Charging Your Phone at Disney Parks

Most of us have experienced that sinking feeling when your smartphone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry) has beeped its last, sad beep and powered down. There are a few places in the parks where you can plug in; we like the reliably empty Tomorrowland Terrace with its great view of the castle and passersby.  We’re not exactly sure about Disney’s official policy regarding on-the-go charges, so just know that they might ask you to stop. And while it’s a nice perch for people watching, it also takes valuable time away from touring the parks, so obviously, this plan is not ideal for you theme park commandos.

More covertly, you can almost always find a power outlet in the restrooms by the Baby Change area, but do you really want to be the person standing in the bathroom by the baby change table while the world passes you by and gives you funny looks?

Me, neither.

My solution is to carry my own power with me. Now, before you think this is going to turn into a self-help survey about making today the best day ever…

When I visit the parks, I make sure to have one or two rechargeable battery packs on hand. If you get into an area of the parks or resorts that has a poor signal, then your battery is going to die even quicker.

I’ve used two different brands and they can bring a phone back up to about an 80% charge within two hours. You can still use the phone while they charge. A great time to charge the phone is during a meal, unless of course you’re one of those people who spend your entire meal talking on the phone.

I’ve used both of these rechargeable batteries and they’re fantastic. You just have to remember to charge them each night, along with your phone, camera batteries, camcorder…etc.

  • Energizer XP2000 Universal Rechargeable Power Pack – it comes with 6 tips to match most phones and recharges in a few hours.
  • Duracell Powerhouse USB Charger – it has a standard USB out, so you can use your own charger cable.
I also recommend the Monster-To-Go Travel Power Strip. It offers four grounded plugs and it is small enough to fit in a backpack and take to the parks. That way, you can share an outlet with other low-power Disney fans. It’s also a great power strip to have in your hotel room when you need to recharge four devices every night!


  1. Is it bad that I chose to get a new phone and got a droid razr max specifically so I wouldn’t have to worry about battery power when we went to disney world???

  2. I use the New Trent Power pack–it is heavy but will charge several times.

    You can also ask at guest services and they may have the ability to charge your phone for you, it just has to be left for several hours which is not an option for a lot of folks.

  3. New Trent’s iFuel is light, will fully charge my phone at least twice, and costs the same as the Energizer pack.

  4. I have a battery pack (energizer, I think) and it gives me about 30% more on my iPhone. It won’t charge it completely, but it’s a lifesaver when the phone dies.

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