D-Luxe Burger, which I visited in Disney Springs two days after it opened, is a case study in why you don’t go to any restaurant when it first opens.  That first week, there was still a line out the door as hungry guests waited for this new dining option. Would it be any good? Was it worth the price? I couldn’t wait to find out, especially since a friend had gone there on opening day and raved over the ground chicken burger and fries she ordered.


Like many of the newer buildings in Disney Springs, D-Luxe Burger is  themed to showcase the unique “Florida cracker” aesthetic. I love that look, with sloped tin roofs, big porches, and large, airy rooms.


As you can imagine, the pace in the restaurant those first few days was still pretty frenzied as cast members worked to get a handle on how best to handle crowds. While we waiting in line, a manager was handing out ice water and attempting to provide shade with portable umbrellas.  A nice touch that you see often at Walt Disney World. We were able to order in about twenty minutes, not bad considering that the line snaked out the door and around the porch. I chose the classic cheeseburger for $9.99 and a small order of fries for $4.99.  Adding a drink brought my total to around $20, fairly expensive for a burger but only slightly more pricey than your standard theme park burger, fries and drink.  Hopefully, the quality would live up to the price, right?

Our order took a while–it was, after all, packed–with items arriving sporadically at our table of seven. This wasn’t an issue nor a surprise, given that most of us had ordered separately. After about 20 more minutes, my burger arrived looking absolutely delicious.

2014-15 Big Pictures 3169

I mean, look at that. First of all, it’s huge. Secondly, the brioche bun is a higher quality than your average hamburger bun.  I took the first bite and . . . it was raw. There’s no other way around it. The kitchen says they cook the burgers to medium but my burger was positively hemorrhaging blood. That red stuff you see in the picture above? That’s not ketchup. And this wasn’t, unfortunately, an anomaly.  Everyone at the table received a burger in the same state. One member of our party sent her burger back and when the second one arrived, well after the rest of us had finished our meal, you could smell how raw the meat was when she cut into it.

Now, I don’t mind a rare steak. That’s fine. But I really don’t care for a bleeding hamburger. Despite this, I could tell one thing: If cooked properly, this would be an excellent, flavorful burger.

In addition to regular beef burgers in as many incarnations as you can imagine, you can get veggie burgers and chicken burgers.  The kids menu is essentially a smaller version than the adult menu, so if you have kids that don’t like hamburgers, you might want to skip it.  Hard “sodas” and milk shakes as well as the usual coke products you’ll find everywhere on Disney property are also available. But the real star are the French fries, which come with a myriad of dipping sauces. Honestly, I would go to D-Luxe Burger just for the fries, however at $5 for a small portion and nearly $8 for a large, the price is pretty questionable.

Despite my initial disappointment during my first visit, I was able to try D-Luxe Burger again recently and it’s definitely gotten past its initial growing pains. My burger was, as before, massive. Really, it’s so more than you need, but it’s Disney so why not? This time it was cooked perfectly medium well. That’s about as “raw” as I want a burger to be, frankly, but if you’d like yours a bit more bloody, you can ask the kitchen to cook yours a little more rare.

My burger was delicious this time. Okay, it’s not In-N-Out Burger, which secretly fantasized would come to Disney Springs instead, but honestly, it’s better. This is a really large, satisfying hamburger and the fries, while pricey, are fantastic.  Again, at nearly $20 per person it’s steep, but using a quick-service credit on the Disney Dining plan definitely makes it more palatable.

D-Luxe Burger, despite a few bumps in the beginning, is a welcome addition to Disney Springs. Check it out on your next visit.