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How to Save an Extra 5% on Every Disney Vacation. UPDATED


I get so many questions from clients about this, I decided to write a quick post to give all of you the details.  Its easy to save an extra 5% on your next Disney vacation, whether it’s Disney World, Disneyland, or Disney Cruise Lines.  Here’s what you do:

Sign up for a Target Red Card. This is basically a debit card that’s attached to your financial institution and if you shop at Target already (and honestly, do you know someone in North America who doesn’t?), you should have one. Why? Because you’ll save 5% on just about everything you buy in the store and that includes Disney gift cards.  I tell my clients to buy one every time they go to Target and just stash them away and make payments when they’re ready.  Five percent off of a $3500 trip is a nice chunk of cash back to you.

When you get the card,  you’ll see 12 numbers on the back. There are an additional 4 that are hidden; you’ll need to scratch those off.  Then just call it in or have your agent do it. If you have a large number of cards, this can be time-consuming, but the payoff is worth it and if you have a travel agent, trust me: She’d rather have you pay this way than not go, so don’t feel bad about emailing her 55 cards on a Sunday night.  Then,  just make sure you keep the card until after you’ve traveled. The reason for this  is that if you cancel, Disney will refund the money to those specific cards and if you don’t have the cards, things can get a little thorny (and yes, if you lost the cards and need the money back, the Mouse can work around this, but it’s complicated).

UPDATE:  You can now to go http://disneygiftcard.com and set up an account manages your cards. Cards can be merged together to make one card worth $1000. Any amount you haven’t spent shows up on this “master” card within a few minutes (or after you sign out and then sign back in again).  This makes it easy to keep track of all your cards in case you cancel. It also makes it easier to call in payments.

As an aside, there are online companies that sell gift cards at a slightly reduced rate and I have had clients use them successfully–I’ve also had them not work. My advice, stick to big, well-known companies like Target. Some discount stores like Best Buy also have occasionally discounts, but overall, Target is the best one I’ve seen.

These gift cards are not just good for paying for your vacation packages or rooms; you can also use them to pay for just about everything on property, including meals at most restaurants. It’s so easy, I don’t know why everyone doesn’t do it!  So the next time you’re in Target, throw one in the cart and start saving money.

Planning an upcoming Disney vacation? Call me for a free, no-obligation quote. My services are also free and if you mention this article, I’ll give you a $50 Disney gift card to get you started. Just email me at christina@pixievacations.com or call 919-889-5281. Thanks!


  1. oh! Yes it does work we are doing this for our next trip and we get a bit more.

  2. sometimes the member type stores (think sam’s club, and bj’s) sell cards at about the same 5% off. do we really want target anywhere near our bank accounts?

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