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Dina Benadon and Brent Young are the founders of the Super 78 animation company in Los Angeles. Brent is also a member of the Season Pass, the highly acclaimed theme park podcast. Recently, the pair did something a little bit daring: They purchased Walt Disney’s birthplace in Chicago, Illinois. For these two Disney fans, the ability to turn the house Walt and Roy were born in into a museum where others can learn more about these two great men, as well as the philosophies about a company which is so much more than just billion-dollar entity, is a dream come true.

We were fortunate to interview Dina and Brent on Mouse Chat to talk about this exciting project, which will feature hands-on history lessons the entire family can enjoy, as well as add new energy to the surrounding neighborhood.  Uniquely, the preservation of historical buildings gives one the ability to experience the surroundings in a tangible way that you can’t find in a regular museum. Dina and Brent hope that Disney fans will take away a more nuanced understanding of that man that Walt Disney became by visiting his birthplace.

We feel strongly about this project and the agency I work for, Pixie Vacations, is offering you the opportunity to help them and to help yourself–to a free trip, that is!  Just make a small donation and you’re automatically entered to win a three-night stay with dining and four-day tickets for up to four adults. Just follow the link below and fill out the information.

Pixie Vacations – Walt’s Birthplace Project Contest

I can’t wait to see this project come to its fruition. I think Dina and Brent are going to do amazing things!

Best of luck to you.

Want to hear more about Walt’s first home? Check out the podcast we recorded with Brent and Dina here.


  1. This is such an awesome thing! I already entered, yay!

  2. What happened to this site?? It used to be very good with up to date info..

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