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Newly Refurbished Main Street Bakery Opens As a Starbucks.

I had the good fortune to visit the newly refurbished Main Street Bakery on opening day last Tuesday.  After a bit of fanfare, it was business as usual with two queues and lots of registers to ring up guests and feed their coffee and pastry addictions.  Things went smoothly on this surprisingly slow opening day, but Disney will probably need to rethink the very busy pick-up area once things really get going as guests tend to congregate there making for serious congestion.

Make no bones about it: The Main Street Bakery is now a Starbucks. Disney purists will cringe at this news, but can take heart in the fact that it still essentially looks like the old Main Street Bakery, minus the seating area.  The same colors and theming are still present, albeit with the Starbucks logo. Cast members even wear the same uniforms as before.

Perhaps the biggest change can be seen in the food case. Almost none of the former pastries and desserts exist. Instead, you’ll get the same treats that are available at Starbucks locations everywhere with a few of the old Main Street Bakery items thrown in for good measure.  Coffee drinkers might say this is a fair trade given how bad the coffee in Walt Disney World was prior to the arrival of Starbucks.

The complete lack of seating is a disappointment, but not surprising given how small the space is. In its former incarnation, the Main Street Bakery was a nice cool spot to relax and enjoy a quick snack. There wasn’t a lot of seating and it was downright cozy, to put it nicely, but you could usually find a place to sit as turnover (excuse the unintentional bakery reference) was fast. By expanding the actual retail space and adding an additional queue, Disney did away with this seating area leaving nothing more than a small counter where you maybe five people can stand. Everyone else will have to walk and snack or head over to the picnic tables across from Casey’s or The Plaza.
Overall, I think the changes to the Main Street Bakery will satisfy most guests. Being able to get a decent cup of coffee in a Disney park has proven very popular in Disney California Adventure, where there’s been a Starbucks now since last year.  While some Disney diehards will lament the presence of a non-Disney corporate entity in the park (forgetting of course that this isn’t the first time this has happened), the branding is subtle and blends in well with the theming.  I think this will prove to be a well-loved spot in the Magic Kingdom.


  1. Ok, first thing is the fact that the little girl in the picture has her hands on the glass of the bakery case. I just have to say I want to tell her to move her hands, and then hand her the Windex bottle… 😛 Anyway – I was sad when I heard the news, because A- I hate Starbucks coffee. As a barista where we brew only local roasted beans, I cannot stand theirs at all. And B-I did not see the cinnamon rolls anywhere in that picture, Chris. I know, I’ve been told that you can find cinnamon rolls over with Gaston, but pretty sure those won’t be the same. I don’t care that it’s Starbucks, I care that I don’t like their coffee or the lack of my favorite pastry. 🙂 Good post!!

  2. Does it have the same ol’ smell that all Starbucks have or does the sweet aroma of the original Main Street Bakery still linger?

  3. Sheena, I know. I’m trying to be nice but I’m going to miss those chairs!

    David, no it doesn’t. Sorry. 🙂

  4. David, sorry I meant to say it smells like a Starbucks.

  5. I guess I must be a Disney die-hard because I don’t like that there is a Starbucks in Disney! It’s just not “disney” to me. Oh well, I don’t even like coffee so makes no difference I suppose. LOL

  6. In decade or so that I’ve been following Disney fan sites, the bad coffee was always a constant. Disney did right by looking for an alternative, and Starbucks has a huge following. It’s not for me, but I think it was a good move. I honestly forgot that it was opening and walked down Main Street without noticing it at all. It fits in well. Here’s hoping Casey’s customers don’t have too much trouble finding a place to eat as coffee drinkers take over the tables to sip for hours!

  7. Surrounded by Boys–I don’t like coffee either. I will miss the cheese danishes. They were so awful and yet so good! Hope you are doing well. Thank you as always for reading.

    Anonymous: Good point. There’s only so much seating there. And the other side gets kind of “smokey” some days because there’s a smoking area so close by.

  8. So disappointed the bakery isn’t ther anymore. I loved their baked goods. Starbucks bakery items aren’t very good. 🙁 ~ Kristen

  9. Was in the store on Friday. We had been at Disney World for a week and my daughter had to have a Starbucks drink so we went in. From the moment I walked in it felt like I had left Disney World completley. Hated it, no Disney feel at all. We used to love eating a quick breakfast at the bakery in years past. I love coffee and really like Starbucks coffee but it just ruins the feel and the bakery items cannot compare to what Main Street bakery had. They should have left the Bakery how it was and just served Starbucks coffee.

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