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Peter Pan’s flight is one of the most popular rides in the Magic Kingdom; in fact, it’s probably one of the top ten rides in all of Walt Disney World if wait times are any indication.  Why, you ask, would such a low-tech ride be so popular after all these years? Well one reason is that it’s a ride the entire family can enjoy. Excluding a serious fear of heights, it’s a ride that’s accessible to nearly everyone.  And then there’s the nostalgia factor.  Maybe you remember going on it as a small child? Well guess what: It’s pretty much the same was it was then.  Part of what Disney sells is warm memories and Peter Pan’s Magic Flight accomplishes that like few rides do.

The downside of its lasting popularity is, of course, the long lines. Disney introduced fastpasses to Peter Pan years ago and of course now, you can reserve a time with Fastpass+. But you only get three fastpasses a day, at this time, so you have to be choosey. What if you don’t want to “waste” one on Peter Pan when you’ve got the Mountains–Space, Splash, and Big Thunder– as well as Anna and Elsa and the Mine Train with potentially longer lines?

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I’ve got an even better reason to skip the Peter Pan fastpass+ now:  It’s got a new interactive queue that adds depth to the story of Peter Pan.  Disney has done this to several attractions at Walt Disney World in the last few years, most notably the Haunted Mansion. Not only do interactive queues entertain guests during long waits, they also explain the story even more fully, adding to your overall enjoyment of the attraction.

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In this case, you’re invited into the Darling household, where you’ll see paintings of the family as well as that of Peter Pan and Hook. Next, you’ll go into the main queue, which is the nursery, where you’ll see where the children sleep. Wendy’s pink canopy bed looks so inviting you’ll want to crawl up in it yourself. Toys are scattered here and there just like every kid’s room. But don’t miss the lighted effects on the walls, as Tinkerbell and Peter Pan make their presence in the room known. There’s so much detail in this space that you’ll probably won’t mind the wait too much.

I apologize for the lack of photos in this post, but it’s very dark in the queue. It’s also very cool–which is fantastic on a hot day in the park. Enjoy!